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William (Bill) Battle Schuyler New York

BILL BATTLE married to Melissa who works at Masonic Home and William Battle (cheater) has to change jobs because he hits on the wrong women, UCP had affairs asked to leave. Frankfort Schools asked to leave after about 1.5 years now at the Utica Rescue Mission. He has 2 young children under age 3. Screws (sleeps with them) women sweets talks them telling them he has a troubled marriage with wife Melissa Battle who ignores him and he accuses of cheating, but honestly he was screwing other women while his wife was pregnant last year. Does she know? Not sure someone should clue her in. She is the bread winner director of some sort at Masonic and should kick him to the curb. He is gonna give her a disease and she should wake up….those boys dont need a fake environment. One has some disabilites too. Its so sad he does not need at Father who is pre occupied with cheating rather than helping his son or wife.


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