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Troy Anthony Fedison Sr

Well i just found out he is married and has a wife in CT. he does tell females b******* stories and lies. I hope his karma keeps coming and never leaves his life. He has changed many accounts, and deleted numerous one to stay hidden what he didnt expect was for one of his victims to hit me up and lead me to find out myself. Troy Anthony Fedison Sr. Is a womanizer and a liar thats why he usues his ‘career and money’ talk to bait you in! [email protected] you Troy! I feel sorry for all the women he preys up and used for sex,photos, etc….he is a no good dog!!
Christina Suraci (Guillory)



1 thought on “Troy Anthony Fedison Sr”

  1. Ha! Funny for some reason I googled his name today and found this! Hilarious.
    Im wife #7 or 8, who knows! Thankfully he snipped his balls years ago! He has about 12 kids, only claims a few! I could tell you stories, he is a seriel married guy. I left because he literally married me the DAY after his divorce from another girl was over. This is when he was in Colorado, but I have known him for many years before that. Since Keelan was like 2. Then while we were married some other girl was texting him.

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