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I first met trent ray from Tifton /Valdosta area (since he travels) on plenty of fish -a dating site- i said i was looking for a gentleman who wouldn’t lie, cheat, do drugs or weed and be sweet.. he wrote me and said he was the man for me. He had 2 daughters and I had one so I took it slow.. we talked for months and something didnt feel right but I finally agreed to go out with him in November. He opened doors and got flowers so it was sweet. In December I agreed to go esclusive and be in a relationship with him. After we slept together he proceded to tell me that most women like seeing men sleep together and its a fantasy for them-WOW- I said i wasn’t into that and asked him if he’s been with a man, he told me “no”. Fast forward a month and he met my child, got her gifts, played with her and got her attached to him. Something didn’t sit right with me since I kept catching him in lies and he would get mad and give me another lie to cover it up. We was discussing things one night and I asked him again if he had ever been with a man and he finally admitted he’s been with men from craigslist!!! I was so put off especially when he started saying how he was choked on dicks sucking them off! ewwwww!!! He has a really small small d*** and it has “problems” about staying hard. He sucks in bed. bad. I knew something was up when he wanted to get a strap on and have me f*** him in the a**… he even jacked off to that fantasy! and he asked me why i didnt shove my fingers up his a** when i went down on him or play with his a**… he is literally obsessed with asses and would eat it. Turns out he as still seeing his exs, meeting women AND men off craigslist too. I had a miscarriage and he said i feel bad yada yada yada and that night i found out her went and screwed someone off CL! he’s crazy and when I first started feeling weird in the beginning and wanted to break it off he kept threatening to kill himself! He has NEVER been tested for an std in his life. Refuses too. If youve been with him then please get tested! He changed his look up frequently but I have plenty of proof and all the texts, emails and pics to prove all this

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