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Tony DeAlmeida, Stockton, California

This man doesnt know what honesty is! He lies like its the thing to do.And whats worse is he believes his own lies!He can not be with just one woman, and he will lie to each one saying hes single.I was seeing this man for close to 10 years, then I found out that the last 2 of those 10 years he was living with another woman. They ended up splitting up and he started telling me he loved me and wanted to be with me and only me. I was sceptical so I told him he had to prove to be that he had changed and could be honest! Needless to say just when I was beginning to trust and believe him, one day after telling me how much he loved me…. he just disappears. I believe in my heart that his disappearance was because of another woman. So please if you meet this man RUN LIKE HELL! He is a very sweet smooth talker and can hook you quick. Dont be another one of his victims ! His name is Tony DeAlmeida, he also goes by Victor. We met in San Jose,Calif. But he has moved and is now living in Stockton,Calif.


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