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Timothy Pultz

Timothy Pultz, DOB 1/11/66, 49 years old was with me for almost 7 ½ years and lied to me the entire time, but I found out too late. He told me at work last week that his ex-wife called him and told him his almost 26 year old daughter was sick and needed his help and he was quitting his very good paying job, taking his 401k and moving to Melbourne, Florida to help his daughter- they would get an apartment together and split expenses. This is a daughter that has 2 kids ages 3 and 5 that are living with their Dad and she sees them every other weekend and is content with that because she is too busy going out and partying and being selfish. He was setting up his story weeks before by saying the daughter has Lupus, she couldn’t work as many hours because of it and that she was living with her ex step-father due to these circumstances and that he was throwing her out. I contacted the ex-wife who told me she hadn’t called him in 5 years. He told me when we first met that his ex-wife cheated on him with her now 2nd ex-husband and was pregnant with their first daughter before the two were divorced. She confirmed that was a lie. She also told me although the daughter has medical issues they are under control, she is working full time and living with her and that she acts like a teenager, can’t manager her money and needs to grow up and take care of herself. I then contacted the ex-fiancee who he has a 16 year old son with. He had told me she cheated on hi, with a co-worker and he DNA tested his son to make sure he was his. He had also told me when we first met that he was seeing his son every weekend and even making up stories of where they went and what they did. The ex-fiancee confirmed he had cheated on her with someone he worked with at the hospital and while she was at work he packed his stuff and walked out on her and their 3 year old son and never looked back. When I met him he was living with his brother in Menands in his unfinished smelly basement that flooded all the time on a blow up camp bed and moved him into my beautiful 3 bedroom home 1 year and 4 months after we met. We lived there 4 years together and then moved into a beautiful apartment in Slingerlands for 2 years and then back to my house this pat November. In the mean time I had also found out he was talking to women online throughout our relationship. He denied having anything physical with any of them. I contacted them all and the few that responded claimed they never met. I decided to move back home because of the women he was talking to as well as the fact that I wasn’t getting the support I needed due to an undiagnosed illness of over 14 months (still ongoing) of shortness of breath, joint pain and inflammation to the point of not being able to carry on my daily functions. It was sue to my confrontation and deciding to move back home that he started putting his plan in place. His M.O. is as soon as the relationship doesn’t go his way pack and leave. I was finding out things more each day and 2 days after he told me his lies I asked him to move out that weekend. He strategically planned to move out when I was out with friends (planned a month in advance). I know this because he asked me the date a week before and he had never done that before. If you see him online- I met him on Yahoo Personal run fast and very far away. He will consume your life with lies and walk out on you in the end. He is not worth any of your time.

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