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Thomas Seelam Ubar Jones, North Carolina

Thomas Seelam Ubar Jones. AKA TJ or Thomas Jones. Lives in Charlotte NC from SC. Ladies he is married but lies about it wife Jaquetta Frazier Jones. He had us both pregnant at the same time plus had two other girlfriends on the side. He works as a bails bondman so yes he will be in your bed a few nights a week because his wife Jaquetta thinks he is working. Now she works three jobs n is in the national guard
She’s the provider so don’t think he’s leaving her. His credit is so bad he can’t do anything with out her. Now he is a beast in bed but that doesn’t pay the bills. TJ has no interest in anything but a** and using people to get what he wants. He never accept responsibility for any thing he does . So don’t fall for the sad story and lies.


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