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Terry Eberra of Missouri

Terry Eberra is a liar and cheater. He is still married and lives with another woman. He has cheated on them several times. He trolls Facebook for plus size models and female bodybuilder. Says to them he wants to be with them. All the while his FIVE kids have nothing because he is too lazy to work to pay child support.


Author: Anonymous

10 thoughts on “Terry Eberra of Missouri”

  1. If you believe this kind of crap you are stupid. Only childish people with too much time on their hands believe this s***. Terry is a wonderful man who puts his kids first. Get your facts straight you cowardly hag….. One more reason you will remain single…. BC you post stupid lies.

  2. And who are you? Some one obviously insignificant.

  3. Significant enough to receive a response, I see. Please honey, if you’re THE only woman, he would have not found himself on a site like this. And a word to the wise, if it’s happened to someone to get him a post on here, odds are it will happen to you. No need to respond in any sort of rebuttal, I would be embarrassed to associate let alone claim my fidelity to someone who’s been featured here. Have a great life THE woman. Let’s just host history doesn’t repeat itself, for your sake.

  4. First you should know facts. Second, this post was made by an EX seeking revenge. Third, you seem to like to comment on issues you know NOTHING about. I will comment and give rebuttal all day because I know the situation and am involved. Bye girl…. No need for YOU to comment.

  5. fact-
    pronunciation – fakt
    a thing that is indisputably the case.

    If we’re in the business of stating facts, we can definitely take a stroll down that avenue. Because this is the internet age, unfortunately you’re not aware of exactly how close to the point someone is. As in, maybe I do know exactly who this creep is. And, maybe I’m very much aware of what he’s done in the past and to whom he’s done these things to. The fact of the matter is, you’re foolish. Regardless if you’d like to believe it or not by devoting your undeniable loyalty to someone who only cares about himself. Ask him how he sleeps at night, because I’ll never get to ask Robin anything ever again. Have a great life, factotem.

  6. Mental illness is truly a sad fact of life…. And it’s impact on those around that person. It leads to one sided and jaded views of a reality that is, simply put, a figment of imagination. I know facts bc I’ve been in the mix. I’ve been a victim of a female suffering from mental illness who couldn’t accept the fact that someone didn’t want to be with with her. I received phone calls, emails, texts at all hours bc she couldn’t move on. Sad that someone in the business of helping others couldn’t find enough strength to help herself. The FBI is involved in brokering tracking this post so it will be removed anyway. Helps to have connections. Maybe I should ask you how you sleep knowing you think that posting this garbage is OK?

  7. LOL! Pardon the laughing, but the empty threats of the Federal Bureau of Investigations “brokering” this post was too much not to chuckle at. His behavior, although it’s still illegal in 3 countries to perform in acts of adultery, are not a threat enough to our US Government to have the FBI manage this post. Before you try and throw around who you’re connections are, understand that anyone who comments on these posts, let alone the authors of these threads are well within their rights to do so without the threat of any legal actions to do so. That’s cute tho, by all means, stick up for your significant other, just remember that feeling when he does the same to you that he’s done to everyone else. 3 days later and the post is still up. again, LOL! Have a great one, THE naive woman… And only!

  8. Auto correct put in brokering…. Not me. It must be hard to be perfect….. Clearly you feel the need to continue to argue. By all means you go for it. Funny how people can judge when it is none of their business. Again, feel free. I know my relationship and my partner. You have no idea who I am, or who I know. Lol….. It’s OK though bc those who matter know.

  9. This entire circus of a thread is more humorous than you could imagine. Your responses and empty threats are funny. I keep checking back periodically because you seem to be a woman of your word, I’m just anticipating the take down of the post. Yet, nothing. By all means, you don’t have to respond to each and every comment, yet you do. How precious. Again, as I stated a week ago, in my second comment; No need to respond, however you probably will cause you’re pathetic.

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