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Teena Marie Goudreau

This hooker has been chasing after my cousin’s husband since their marriage in 2012. He had an online relationship with her prior to theirs. However, he was a turf and would chat with her whenever he felt needy after a spat. They moved stateside from Germany because she’s in military. She mistakenly sent Facebook friend request because of suggestion. The twit Teena wrote her husband claiming my Cruz was stalking. My cousin had no idea that this chick was obsessing over husband. She creeper her Twitter and began to post crap directed towards her. Name calling and threats to hurt her feelings. My cousin blocked her but she kept on attacking saying that she had slept with her husband, she was a real woman in love who had and would do anything for it. Of course my cousin asked her husband what’s up? He admitted to chatting and so forth but denied all other accusations of sex and. Such. This fool claims to have spent week in Germany and Romania with him while he was married to my cousin who is Army but not deployed. She was at home. The Twitter rampage went on for days claiming 5 years of real love my kinsfolk has been married for 3yrs. Claims she would be memory if she didn’t live in canada. She is constantly finding ways to contact him and throwherself at him. He has stated yeah they were chatty and skyping but nothing more. This t*** has the Twitter posts still up but has since deleted the ones claiming sexual and true love crap. My cousin deserves better but I can’t knock her for trying to work it out. This would be the side chick to another side chick Stephanie Sproat. This douchbag has pushed it. But no one will be allowed to attack my people for them being a cumdumpster. So TEENA MARIE. GOUDREAU unless you are prepared to face the music and my cousin. Backoff or pay the consequences. Don’t throw stones if you live in a glass house.



3 thoughts on “Teena Marie Goudreau”

  1. Do you want to hear about another dirty w****? Then go look up the fat and ugly b**** name, Lucy Kiperman. She loves to f*** married men and women. Her birthday is on January, 10th. 1973. Dirty s***!!!!!

  2. Youre a coward, lmfao get a life, you should be exposing your ‘cousin’ not her bub… sounds like you are jealous and dont get enkugh attention..baha stupid b****… gtfo

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