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Ted Horvath-PA Beware

He is definitely a narcissist. Is the most charming man, and says exactly what you want to hear. ( from all the posts/ looks like he says the same to all and sends the same photos) However, it only last 2-3 months and then you hear nothing but lies and excuses. His chase is over. Often never answering, just checks in now and then to see if he still has you. Will only meet for sex, always too busy or “traveling” to go out. Sex is always rough, no emotions and non-enjoyable. And yes, often scheduling more than 1 women a night. Never cares about anything going on in your life, nor shares his. He is strickly out for sex, and with anyone he can find. I am so sorry I met him. Unfortunately, I have friends who know him and only say good things of him. However, looking at all these women, the lies, and games-he is a horrible person!!!


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