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Steven Tiberius Christiano

We were seeing each other for three years said his wife was the surrogate and nanny to his two boys-So much more but Im still in shock his name is Steven Tiberius Christiano



12 thoughts on “Steven Tiberius Christiano”

  1. Yeah he goes to the raven and,lies to,women watch out!

  2. I heard he did more than just date big foot…he date Shamu

  3. He is a good man and a hero. None of this is true.

  4. Hey girls I know this guy I was seeing him too.. How long ago were any of you seeing him ? I am just curious to know who else has he done ?

  5. I am in shock myself .. I can’t believe how he lied to me!!! He said he loved me!!

  6. Way to slander a veteran you should all be ashamed of yourselves
    You don’t know when terrorist tactic when you see one

  7. Before you blame these innocent women of slander approach the woman who created the page in the first place. A terrorist does not have time for a vet personal Love life.

  8. This is being reported to homeland security
    this is now a cyber crime committed against a veteran

  9. If someone could give me advice on how to delete my Raven post I would appreciate it. I would like to withdraw my raven comment. He is an honorable veteran and the post I listed is incorrect.

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