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Steven Gayle Muse Liar and Cheater

When I “met” (we knew each other in high school 20 years ago) Steven Muse 5 years ago, I had just lost my father and left my husband. My first sign that he was a liar should have been when he told me he loved me on the first date. But I fell for it. We continued dating. One day, after a few weeks, he asked me to change something on his FB profile. When I logged in, that’s when I noticed he was still talking to two other girls, trying to get them to meet him for a drink. When asked about it he said it was over with them. Then a few weeks later, I was next to him on the couch when a text from an old girlfriend popped up and asked if he had a girlfriend yet, to which he replied “no, too busy for one.” He also made FB friends with random women in towns where he worked in the oilfield, then had bs excuses for why he friended them (like “I saw she was in an ATV club”). I was stupid to stay, but wasn’t sure all this qualified as cheating until….the day I finally moved everything into his house, I borrowed his car to go to the store. He had left his phone in the car and it received a message from his ex-wife. I read the conversation and he had been sending her explicit messages, asking for pictures, telling her he wanted to have sex and more! I asked him about it and he said it was a bad habit. He promised to never speak to her again, but he went as far as to give her his work number and call her from work. I’d say HE was the bad habit!


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