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Shelly johnson, Australia

Ok so i am married and around 1 year ago i was having some marriage difficulties i met a women called shelly johnson she came down to my work i found out she worked local and i went to her work she started calling the shop often .. i asked her for her number and we had a month or 2 thing .. yes i am married she was aware and i did say i was going threw problems now from the start i new there was something wrong very jealouse starting hacking my social media somehow able to see txt messages on my phone and i realised she had some seriouse problems , so it was done and dusted my wife found out , as it turns out i was right she recorded me having sex , she has abused my wife constantly , tried to threaten me ,she is a total sociopath and sphyco, Yes i cheated i completely screwed up but the truth is the truth not complete lies to try and make someone look bad , romours she now spreads is that i got her number threw work details and trying to put me and my biusness down
So her name is Shelly johnson works in a chilcare center in minto nsw sydney 2565


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