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Sheb (Steven) Schebella, Wisconsin

This Facebook cheater keeps multiple women simultaneously believing he is in love with them and wants a future with them. His entire story is a lie. He claims to be retired, but in reality he works very hard at to con the first woman into borrowing him money which he uses to romance and buy gifts for the next, making himself seem very generous at first. He can be incredibly charming but his is nothing more than a lazy con artist. He hates women and uses them all for money and sex. Beware when he tells you he wants to keep your relationship OFF Facebook. That is due to the fact the other women he is lying to might see it.


Author: Anonymous

1 thought on “Sheb (Steven) Schebella, Wisconsin”

  1. Sheb(Steven) Schebella, Eagle Rive Wisconsin
    BEWARE,,he prays on women on Facebook. Will tell you he was a model and has a security company. All lies. He doesn’t even have a drivers license. Tells the same absurd stories to all the women. He is delusional and just stay away from him!!

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