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Scott Pettinger

This man Scott Pettinger was dating 4 to 5 girls at a time while his main girl was at home with their 6 month old little boy. He had not paid child support and was over $40,000 behind. He stole cash and a car from me to move in with a girl, all the while still trying to tell me that we were going to be a family.



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  1. I never heard him sing actually. He’s written me poems, and what not. He told me he’s in pa. God I just want to hurt him so badly

  2. I’m sure we all have the same poems. He’s not worth trying to hurt no matter how bad we want that he’ll never feel bad or guilty about what he’s done to any of us look he’s still lying about where he is. Be happy he’s out of our lives and feel sorry for his new victims

  3. Hi my name is Amber and i live in Amarillo, Tx. He is here and doing the same here. I’m gonna get checked myself. I knew something was up with him so i looked him up on the internet and found yall. Crazy

  4. Amber, I’m glad u found out early. Please take all this information to heart and stay far away from him. He is no good..

  5. I need help. I have a co-worker that is supposed to meet a man with this name but I am not sure it’s him. He said he is 33, discharged from the Army but is here in Canada at the american embassy where he is “detained”. I am worried he will start asking her for money. Anyone with info please help!

  6. OK why would he be detained in Canada if discharged by the US Army?? There is pics of him here or under the name Scott Robert Pettinger is a more recent pic. Find out if its the same person because he’s in Texas. If its the same one show her this site she can contact any of us to verify anything being said I’m sure. She needs to stop talking to him ASAP because he’ll suck her in deeper with his sad stories and lies

  7. funny thing is we all know hes married to multiple women so whats the fn issue move the hell on hes an std infested fn fagot who lies takes money from you steals your rings and gives them to other womenas an egagement ring i recommend not falling in love with this f** and move on before he hurts you

  8. In regards to Sandra’s comment: He is “detained” in Canada because he apparently drove down to Ottawa, Ontario come see her and he has to prove he isn’t AWOL. I have only see one pic of him and it was an Army pic. This is what I know of him so far: He was in the army, he has been shot twice (two separate times), he HAD a daughter but she died because his ex’s boyfriend killed her, he has lots of money, he was in Texas, but my friend keeps saying the plan is to move to Montana together (they have never met). Also, they met playing an online game. I am having a hard time proving who he is and what is going on because I know so very little. Thanks for any advice.

  9. His daughter is very much alive he told me the same thing. Read all post his wife talks about her. My lawyer had him totally investagated. He never served in the Army he was discharged because of health issues. He was talking to another person in Canada for several years and was able to see her with no issues. Look on Facebook under Scott Robert or Donna Renee he’s still posting pics of them in Texas and the last message I got he was in Texas. If you Google him you’ll find all this out and more if your willing to pay the fee. I feel bad for your friend hopefully she hasn’t given him any money yet

  10. I can’t find them on facebook, can you post a link so I can prove to her that this guy is scum?

  11. Woo hoo hoo.These sites are so sad.Jealous exes trying to ruin reps.Get a life chicky. Move on like they have.Bashing won’t solve sh*t. Just makes you look more the fool. Think about it.

  12. Seems only one fool and that would be any one stupid enough to fall for his lies. I have a full back ground on the sorry son of b****. He never got anything from me money, phones, jewelry….. Just my time. So little girl wake up he doesn’t love you or he wouldn’t still be begging me to talk to him. Telling me I promised to be his wife for the rest of my life. He’s sick and so is anyone with him. I’m very happy with my fiance Eric. When your crying your eyes out because you didn’t believe us we’ll be sitting back laughing at you just like we are right now

  13. To K in Canada…I can tell you first hand the stories are true. I’ve heard all them before. As far as his so called dead daughter she was supposedly killed in a drunk driving accident right? Ok how else would I know that? It’s all a lie. He was in Amarillo, Tx. until he got me pregnant. So i’m sure he’s running now.

  14. try shane renee they changed it for one he is still in amerillo texas

  15. I’m his wife in Wa been trying to divorce his a** along time. We got married back in 07. He took off with some female and 15k of my money and my car. Trust me he can’t be trusted at all. Still fighting with courts to just grant me my divorce without having to deal with finding him or tempting to. U can even look our marriage up Washington King County is where I filed our paper work.

  16. i need dates filed and date married

  17. although theres no picture for your licence

  18. for everyones info scott and donna are together there are two fb videos he taped his voice and all so yes they are together in tx stil hes p**** whopped hes not leaving her shes a dumb b**** for staing with an std infested cheating lying waste of human life of whatever he is i guess she can sleep at night lmao knowing hes playing games hahaha dumb broad

  19. Wow I know Scott Pettyinger was supposedly dating he was in military Army National Guard. Had girlfriend. Called me and wanted me money to help him to get Washington State…
    Took me for $350.00 total.
    Never Saw. Him.that was In 2012….

    Im sorry all you ladies had to gp through this. Too. Sad life…
    Sad World….

  20. Mom mom is with him we are in Amarillo tx can someone please message me on Facebook and tell me what the hell he is capable of I’m 18 years old and he is trying to get us to move in there’s something fishy about him is like to know everything please

  21. He’s the Big Bad Monster,waiting to devour your Soul.RUN ladies RUN while you still have a heart.He’ll not only break it,he’ll break your spirit.

  22. Brianna he’s bad girl I’m nkr lying I’ve had stds he’s married to many and impregnated apparently alot he’s a polygamist

  23. Brianna we’ve all tried to tell your mom but she said we were all crazy jealous b****** …… I was with him two years and he never had done any kind of good

  24. OMG can’t believe people are still wasting time on this piece of scum. He’s gone out of our lives that he f****** played with. He’s only legally married to one person and god only knows how many kids he really has if someone can be with him after reading all this they deserve what happens

  25. Sandra forreal I’m tired of seeing you like you run this show … Apparently there are ladies still being done wrong and I feel sorry for them and if they wanna ask questions or s*** they should be able to with out your mouth if your done like the rest of us then unsubscribe then you wont be bothered with they’re comments grow the f*** up …….. And Brianna forreal your mom needs to leave him he’s passed STDs gotton so many pregnant within the last yr your mom and scotts been married he needs to seriously be in prison and the key threw away I wish you luck with your mom

  26. Hes back in Mo And going by Michael Shaffer on fb married to a Kay F. as of the 25th of july. He’s staying with one woman until he gets what he wants then goes back to another that he keeps dangling on a line to make sure he always has a bed to sleep in…..male or female

  27. He is still at the samething. He uses you gets a phone lies says he has a job tells you he wants to marry you right away. Says his family is rich. Everything is a lie. He will tell you so many lies the sad part he has told the same ones for so long. I think he believes them. If you pay close attention you can catch them in all the lies. I hope he doesn’t break any hearts or the poor kids heart that the mothers are with.

  28. A****** is alive and well.
    On Facebook under the name of Christopher Scott.
    Same bs, same poems, all the same lies.

  29. He is not the problem this girl is Ariana Nicole Miller says:

    One who got wise who is Ariana Nicole Miller who will not leave me alone she lives in Grain Valley. She has not go wise. She has hacked his Facebook and trolling him. I am not with him anymore he seems to be a nice guy just not my type. But this girl is crazy she needs mental help. She texts me calls me a bunch of names and saying just crazy stuff like she has stds so watch out for him. No I think it’s more watch out for her. I think everyone deserves their happiness if it’s not with you let him go. If he cheats on you let him go. But to sit there and stoke this man a month after he left you. Get a life.

  30. He is not the problem this girl is Ariana Nicole Miller says:

    Sorry her name Ariane Noelle on facebook she lives in Grain Valley look her up.

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