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Sands National Academy Gigalo: Ossaid Bassam Hamdan

Im student at an international school in Jordan in the 10th grade. Sands is its name. I fell in love with our male teacher. His name is Ossaid Bassam and owns a center too. I know it wrong to some but he has dated others students. In our country, it is okay the difference in age. In Islam it is okay if the man agree to take care of the girl.

In the beginning, everything was good. He took my photos, we went to places, watches movies like his favorite House of Card, kissed with tongue, and got to second base. My parents dont know and Im afraid they will kill me. He still has my pics on his phone and refuses to delete them. I dont know what to do, Im scared what will happen to me if my parents find out. I also later learned he showed many others my pics and uses my pics to get what he wants from me.

I live in hell now. I don’t know what will do. In Jordan sometime parents kill the girl and government force the girl to marry the rapist. I feel like a stone on my chest. I pray others know this awful horrible man. He hurts so many girls , more than me. Please someone stop him!


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