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Russel Price, Pennsylvania

Beware of this Man Boy He has cheated dozens of people and hurt many many girls/women etc… even a disabled women he mooched off of her was physically violent with her, and hit her. He is from Huntingdon Pennsylvania (although he will say he is not) He is a laborer works construction. Don’t just take my word call Western Auto in Huntingdon where he lived left owning 4/5 months rent and causing thousands of dollars worth of damage call them ask for Vicky the owner 814-643-5271 she has photo’s Now how he treats woman, he hits, he is a bully terrorized a pregnant woman and physically was abusive to a woman with a disability. He turns on the tears and cries his head off so charges aren’t pressed he does drugs so he is very good at being manipulative.I am warning you the guy is good, but his down fall he is a pathological liar he can not look you in the eyes and he lies about everything. He has hit me spit in my face accept I called the police and had him escorted off my property hired an attorney to keep him away. please be careful, On the last not he will claimed he was abused by his mother he was not, actually just the opposite according to his family he is lazy, self entitled, rude, ill mannered and has used them. They go decades without talking to him. He also went to several psychologist, and a psychiatrist or two was diagnosed with schizophrenia and bi-polar and then BAM they realized he was FAKING!!! It took a trained professional 3 months but he got caught then he was diagnosed as a narcissist and possibly borderline personality disorder… he is 49 looks like 60’s But Beware of Russel Price If you know the song SCRUB It is this guy to the tee. If you don’t youtube it.


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