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Robert Pattky, Minnesota

Never mistake an ex for a “friend” – When I first met Robert Pattky…it was love instantly…so I thought..and was proven so wrong! Within the first month of dating he said his ex fiance Angela beehler wanted to talk. Well I felt secure enough and said ok…WRONG! Sure enough she ended up coming over to his place where they had their affair and I found out by wondering why there was extra towels that needed to be washed and things were out of order. It took a week for a confession and he confessed saying I’m sorry..and I stupidly took him back. Valentines day..haha what a joke..apparently she was his valentine not me even though we went to dinner and a movie. Then all hell broke loose the week after I helped him remodel his bedroom into what was “my space”. I had gone to class he never answered the phone or even so much texted me to ask how my night was..strange right? I let it go till the next night when I left work I drove by to find her car outside his place. I called and asked nicely to stop by and grab some things..he said “no I’m partying with nick” I said “really why is her car there? Why are the shades drawn and the tv is on in the bedroom?” he said I was crazy and hung up. Next day we agree to meet after work and I found out that supoosdely Angela was there again drunk and breaking things. But nothing happened. I’m not dumb..once a cheat always a cheat. Gets even better though since I still have the pics of her car outside his place I took the night I was supposed to stop by..maybe her fiance should know the truth? Not my place but maybe now they know never to do this again..


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