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Robert Mueller is an abusive psychopath!

Beware of Robert Mueller from Addison, IL. He works for Amtrak. He is the worst kind of man. Not only will he lie and cheat on you, but he has to get the women to fall in love with him. While I was with him he had at least five other relationships going at the same time. He will lie to all saying the one he is with is awful and mean to him. He comes off as poor me, I just need the right woman to love me. He is very abusive; mentally and emotionally. He has a personality disorder so he doesn’t even feel bad about what he does.

He is at work a lot and on his phone so it is easy for him to have many, many women. Pay attention, he lies so much and about stupid little things, that you will catch him quick if you are not ignoring the signs. Honestly not a bitter ex, just a woman put through hell by a very bad man.



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