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Robert Lewis Faltermeyer Jr., Washington

Found me on a dating website, then he realized we attended the same university, he found my car, left me a charming note, then a day or so later he got the nerve up to message me and reveal himself online. A few days later we were hanging out, he even walked me to my class, kissed me on campus, in front of so many people, took me to his house, went on a nice hike, he kept telling me how he REALLY REALLY liked me and wanted to start a relationship with me..everything was great, he even tried to teach me how to tango.Then he basically disappeared, quit responding to my texts, calls ext. I thought maybe he was sick or something. I soon found out that a friend of mine dated him, come to find out, he lied to her about going home to Hawaii for a visit, once he left town, he would not respond to her calls or texts, after a month he came back around, tried wooing her back in, she wasnt having it, and it started the same way with her that it did with me, he does this in cycles. He is an alcoholic, pot junkie, who is guilty of insurance fraud and has been sued a few times over it, that was public record actually. Anyways, he acts like a perfect man, loves to excersize and ride his bike, loves to travel, but most of all loves to suck women in so that he can spit them out when he is bored with them. He is a womanizer and should not be allowed to date anyone. I thought it was weird when he wrote me on the dating website that we were on and he didnt have any pictures up, but that is because he was seeing multiple women online! He is a jerk, a liar, a womanizer, needs money, and would probably sell his soul to the devil for a buck! Oh, and I am pretty sure that he is bi-curious, but that is still undetermined!


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