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Rhonda Klesko, Mate Poacher, Louisiana

Beware! Anyone with a husband or boyfriend working in the Leesville, La area and staying in the hotels there! Beware of this woman!
She frequents the bars connected to the hotels/motels and preys on the out of town construction workers. She will play pool and drink with them and get them talking about their relationships. If you’ve been in a disagreement with your partner she will empathize and sympathize. She will move in for the kill stating she just doesn’t understand “women like” you and tell your man they deserve better. Then she will eventually offer a “No strings” attached sexual relationship. Once the relationship has been going on for several weeks she will state she is “falling in love” with your man!
She doesn’t want him! She just wants the thrill of “forbidden” sex and to get the thrill of “stealing” from another woman!
Her name is Rhonda Klesko.
Warn your man about her! She’s lethal to a man’s ego and your relationship! !


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