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Rebeca Schauer / Becky Trevino, Sleazy Flight Attendant bilking widower

On Nov 8, 2014 Jessica Stallings passed away. She left a grieving widower with twin 3 year old girls. The girls were born micro preemies, and one was struck with CP and severe brain injuries. A month later Rebeca Schauer waltzed in, and it was instant love. In the following three months she had coaxed the widower into $15,000 worth of jewelry and travel. She used free air travel provided by Southwest Airlines to pop into Houston, scam some more out of the desperately grieving family, and then hop on home to Corpus Christi. Her requests included a cellphone, diamonds, Pandora bracelets, a Berretta pistol, travel to Mexico, cash to pay others to avoid flying for much of February. The ultimate betrayal was having the widower bring a $5,000 diamond ring to hobby Airport to present to her, after which she disappeared for a week without accepting calls. Whenever I think of scoundrels I will forever think of Rebeca Schauer and her fellow flight crews of Southwest Airlines, hoping around scamming whatever they can from widowers and handicapped children. I am that widower.



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