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Raymond Flament

My name is Raymond Filament I have four kids and they don’t answer my last name because I is a liar and a thief and I talk like a b****


Author: Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Raymond Flament”

  1. This was posted by Lazarus Elikwu. IFechukwude Lazarus Elikwu. Lazarus stop posting BS. You thief you went into this mans account and stole his money when he let you live in his home rent free.

  2. Lazarus stop hoping on line posting s*** about your ex wife’s family. You crazy Son of a dead b****. Talk the truth!!!! Talk about your psycho dad and your abudive step mother Patricia. Talk about your sister being raped and her clitoris cut off in Nigeria. Talk about Joy losing her CNA license because she was caught arrested and brought up on felony charges… talk about your miserable disgusting family. Stop posting BS. Post facts!!!

  3. Patricia Elikwu abused Lazarus Elikwu. He hates her and is damanged mentally physically and emotionally. He has given up on life. He’s sad and a waste of breath.

  4. Remember when you lived at this mans house rent free? When you ain’t have a pot to p*** in or window to throw it out of b****? Lazarus Elikwu it willllllll never be good for you. EVER. You pay kindness back with Evil. Oh but you are paying the ultimate price my dear. God will deal with you. You think you’re suffering now??? Lol just wait hoe

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