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Plenty of Fish profile xomaryhelenox is Mary Helen Burkes

Plenty of Fish profile Mary Helen Burkes is from some dude’s wife. She tells lies that he hit her to get sympathy but then says different when you get to know her like bipolar. I feel sorry for the dude because she’s a psycho, lying, cheating w****. She cheats with a lot of sleazy men I wouldn’t touch with gloves on.



32 thoughts on “Plenty of Fish profile xomaryhelenox is Mary Helen Burkes”

  1. Anyone that would mess with her after seeing this picture deserves to be fooled because you are a complete dumbass…..she is FUGLY!!!!

  2. Biggest wh*re in the navy and was f**king those in charge and everyone knew about it, this b*tch is mentally insane its like someone opened her head and stuck a blender on full blast….shes that f**ked up….BEWARE of the nastiness that lurks beneath her sea as many a seaman has died in there!

  3. I think I puked in my mouth from looking at that pic :/

  4. I f*cked her right off ship only because she was the first p*ssy I seen in months. she so ugly I dont know her *ss from her face and my d*ck was burning for weeks after. If I see her again, Im gonna break those crooked snagled teeth of hers

  5. Her husband got kicked out of the Marines for violating a military protective order she had against him and he’s continued to stalk her for almost 2 years. He even went to the town she lives in recently to try to find her. She is legally separated from him and working on a divorce. Check your facts idiots.

  6. I married him because I was 18 an I had just lost one of the most important people in my life was fighting with the guy I thought I was in love with an I hated the Navy an wanted someone to take care of me an he seemed great. I married him after knowing him for only 2 months because he did literally anything for me an he promised if I ever wanted a divorce he would give it to me. But when we got married I found out he was 34 not 26 and he started getting creepy an staring at me the way my mom did before she started hitting me so I broached the topic of divorce almost 2 weeks into the marriage an he wouldn’t stop touching me. I hopped in an out of bed a few times but he wouldn’t stop. So i got up an put my uniform on an when I was going to leave he slammed me into the door an was strangling me so I broke his hold like my dad taught me an I left an only came back to get my stuff an I was not alone. An I haven’t seen him since but he tries to find me wherever I go an I can’t really keep it secret because I model.
    If you think I’m so ugly feel free to tell me so at

  7. I don’t want to be associated with her but we are married. My wife is a psychopath and self-admitted prostitute. She is popular but can not tell the truth or stick to one story. It’s sounds convincing, but is just a series of lies. I never told her I would give her a divorce: she also never asked. I didn’t lie about my age and she asked me to get married. She is mentally ill and was discharged on a med board for her broken mind serving two years on dry dock. She told me straight up she was a prostitute in the Navy: I thought she was joking until months later our roommates and her own shipmates told me she was. The only domestic abuse is what she has done to my career and life. I never slammed her into any door or hit or strangled her; in fact, I’ve never belittled her or even yelled at her. I’ve tried for two years being nice to try and sway her to come forward, but she only changes her story. Some versions have me raping her/ some have me somehow stalking her from our shared bedroom. She did get me kicked out of the Marine Corps with false allegations and nothing has even gone to court. Since, she has threatened my life more than fifty times with no provocation and I’ve received threats from third parties. She called me recently just to tell me she slept with 130 or 150 plus men and is stripping off lingerie on a pay site. She keeps posting pics of herself with different guys. Giving her a divorce doesn’t repair the wreckage she has done. I’m taking her to court for full damages and despite the reputation our legal system has for siding with women, I aim to put her either behind bars or into a psych ward where she belongs.

  8. Oooooh boy. The plot thickens, she has quite the following online and her Tinder profile is out there. It says she was discharged for PTSD. However, she put not to ask her about what actually happened. Something here smells fishy.

  9. You could just ask me about it. This was posted some time ago about 8 months or so and I have a restraining order against my exhusband which I can show you if you’re concerned about it. It went into effect this past October finally. Prior to that I had been traveling around trying to keep him from finding me anywhere.

  10. I never got anything from her, so I think that story is B.S., plus she is HOT. Thank for coming over, and making a video with me, Mary 😉

  11. No idea who you are. But ok. I’ll take the compliment. I’ll be filing a lawsuit against this site soon so I doubt this stupid thing will be up too much longer. It’s horrible that people want to perpetuate the damage being done to my life by the man who has been stalking me for 3 yrs and counting.

  12. I remember sheing her when she first got to the ship. She would eye f*** the s*** out of me all the time. Creeped me out and I kept my distance. A couple of buddies of mine told me they actually busted guts with her. Told me “she was to easy” and “puss smelled rotten”.

    I know for a fact that she plays the victim all the time. Another friend said NCIS interviewed him and told him a story she claim had happened. She involved him in some way but he said he didn’t know her and didn’t know why he was involved. She lies a lot.

    As far as being a “model”, I really hope she considers a new career path. Here signature “blue steel look” looks like she is relieved after taking a massive dump.

    Bottom line, this girl is trash and needs to get professional help

  13. Yeah…this guy has serious issues. Everything I have read sounds exactly like something he would do. She’s waaay better off without him!

  14. This is from a woman’s first point of view..Every word that men have said on this site with the exception of being hot..Is absolute truth…she smells so rotten you can smell her from across the room. Everything..her breath..her arm pits..her clit..and although she is about to pop with a baby she doesn’t even know who the father is…how could she…she sleeps with multiple men a day.Pregnant and still whoring. She dropped her laundry on the floor.. let’s just say..her underwear were pea soup green and could walk away on their own..she is nasty on every levell.. Dresses like trailer trash..PATHOLOGICAL LIAR the the 10th power.never met her husband but dude you were lucky to get away without serious harm or diseases. God help that baby. I have never met someone who tries so hard to pretend to be normal…she is pyscho. She gets bank from the Navy..(our taxes) pay for her sorry nasty rotten stinking lying a**

  15. Francesca you’re not fooling anyone by using a false name. You’re just upset that you were unable to take advantage of her. You were creepy as f*** and asked to cuddle in bed with her when you were fighting with your equally creepy boyfriend. Asked for money and alcohol. Get some help for your drinking and mental problems and likely your drug problem as well and kindly grow up you’re 48 years old. It’s f***** up for you both to be almost 50 and try to take advantage of a pregnant woman and almost cause her to go into preterm labor and put her in the ER by causing her baby to be in fetal distress. I don’t doubt she will be bringing child endangerment charges against you both along with the protective order I know you were already served with and apparently you had a warrant out for disturbing the peace as well. How classy.


  17. I met her right after she got out of the us navy. first, can I ask how many months was she in, 4? Anyway, I find myself say “Jesus Christ, do you EVER SHUT UP?!” while scrolling through my timeline on Facebook. She is a train wreck, I just can’t look away. I don’t doubt that there is some truth to what she says, but I find it interesting that every week or so I see another person making the same accusations as the previous people she has problems with. (I don’t even know these people she posts every minute of her life on Facebook) If you combine the way these all stories line up, and the fact that these people are from different states, different professions, and most don’t even know eachother….I figure they must be true. Why does she act like posting s*** here is any more secure than the s*** she posts on Facebook? This “stalker” could easily borrow the FB of any of the 4,000+ friends she has to see it all. She posts videos where she works, and some of her photos are tagged with the location. I could even see what public hostpial she was at recently. Someone didn’t pay attention to the cyber security NKO! (Or was she not in long enough to do it?) I’ve hardly spoken more than a few words to her in person, and I believe what others say about her. Sorry, but when there are multiple dozen people all claiming the same exact things, telling the same story, multiple people from different states, over the course of years, and different jobs, different housemates, combined with the fact that she moves around constantly, pregnant but doesn’t seem to know the dad…all signs point to what I’ve heard as being true. I don’t doubt that some of the s*** says is true though, because it doesn’t surprise me that this girl would get intimate with some creepy fellows. Half the s*** she gets herself into could be avoided.

  18. I just wanted to add that I am so psyched to see her on an episode of Jerry soringer. I used to think that show just had actors but this girl here would fit right in. Her last name is definitly burkes by the way, she not fooling anyone.

  19. I just wanted to add that I am so psyched to see her on an episode of Jerry soringer. I used to think that show just had actors but this girl here would fit right in. Her last name is definitly burkes by the way, she not fooling anyone.

  20. This s*** is ridiculous. Anyone who actually knows her knows better and I’m sure she cares less what a Stanger says about her. Get your information right before you try to trash talk someone or you’re gonna sound like an idiot to the people who are smart enough to check the info or already know how things really are.

  21. She reminds me of the song Lola by The Kinks

  22. Did you ever stop to think that a bratty child will say and do anything when they are upset just to get a reaction out of someone? For those of you who might be a little slower and not understand what I’m saying, the reason you’re seeing the same story repeated over and over and over again is because each time anyone finds they have a personality conflict with this young woman or they don’t get their way around her, they will scoop up whatever crap they find lying around and hurl it at her.

    If any of the accusations being made about her were actually true, then there would be more in-depth details provided or with all of the accounts from different people being made there would be different stories being told. Instead, everyone is basically reading the same script. Nobody has anything of substance to add.

    If you read closely, Mary is the only one who has added actual details. Everyone else is just spouting off empty parroted crap which can clearly (to someone with half a brain) be seen through and interpreted as, “I don’t like her, I couldn’t push her around, therefore I’m going to be a big petty baby (waaah)!”

    But I certainly don’t expect anyone to agree with me, that would require a sense of decency and a modicum of intelligence. Enjoy your s***-shoveling; I guess everyone has to be good at something.

  23. I wonder if now that she has seen the baby, if she has any idea who the dad is. I was thinking it was gonna be a mixed baby. I was so hoping she was gonna live stream her birth on her new account. I was so ready to report it. Hahahaa

  24. It’s interesting to me that she posts every minute of her life in FB. Stories about people she’s lived with. She let a man she works with a mattress firm and his wife move into her home. She claims to have multiple stalkers. She posts that she is not going to be living in Virginia after October, (possibly to South Carolina with her mom) (moms address is available online if you know how to use google) she posts how often she pees. She posts her baby registry for 1,000’s to see (a registry that not only has baby stuff on it but random s*** for her. I didn’t know babies needed phone cases that strap to arms ) if you just scroll casually down your FB timeline you can see again and again her BS. At least once every few weeks she complains about strange men contacting her, or some other ridiculous situation. I know dudes are fuckin Monkies sometimes when it comes to intelligence, but I am convinced this girl is getting her self into the situations. Nude model. Always mentioning guys she’s lived with, or guys she’s been with, (the guy who kept pros and cons who was in his 30’s, the guy she married after just two weeks, anonymous Kyle, and inviting a middle aged man she works with and his wife to live with her? Dam!
    If she truly is the victim in all these senarios, then she needs to do the opposite of what ever it is she’s doing.

  25. 5927 Dongola Hwy 29527-6449
    5927 Dongola Hwy Conway SC 29527-6449

  26. Too bad that’s not the right address. Google doesn’t give away everything. Has anyone noticed she frequently changes her address and lies about where she is so most people don’t actually know her location so that she is safe? Girls not stupid. If she does have stalkers she’s definitely making it difficult for them to find her.

  27. Well, she’s confirming doubts by saying that isn’t the address. If someone had narrowed down her location to two possible addresses, they could have posted it one of them here, and waited for a response. By saying that a wrong address isn’t the actual address, you could be confirming another one. I’m really not convinced she’s worried about any of her stalkers. Even a complete stranger could find her. Posting videos at work, announcing the name of the business she works at, asking people to come while she’s at work….I’m just not buying it. If I was worried about my safety, I wouldn’t post on a public site where I’m working. Like “hey, come on down to mattress firm in Norfolk. “. How many could there possibly be? Quick google search would probably provide two maybe three mattress firm locations in/near Norfolk. Then it would only take a max of one day to drive to each one and find her. She just doesn’t know how to shut up. And thanks to her posts on Facebook, everyone knows she was trying to work at a mattress firm in her new location. If she had actually made sure she got the job before moving, then finding her would be easy. But she made the mistake of moving without having a job lined up first. Or maybe it was planned. By not getting the job at mattress firm, it will be harder to find her. (That is if she doesn’t post it for all of us to see). Any word on dad yet?

  28. Looks like you’re a bit obsessed keeping tabs on this poor young lady. Might want to find a better hobby.

  29. BMI, cholesterol, 164 pounds. Oh My. TMI!
    Any word on maribellas dad yet?

  30. This entire post and all it’s comments are sad.

    I hope everyone involved in this awful situation find peace within themselves, and are able to go their separate ways and find happiness.

    Also, I really like Mary’s t***. They’re pretty awesome, and I’m totally gonna jerk it to her website and nudey pics later.

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