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Paul-Anthony’s Cairns his Tramp Analia

B warned this boy cos he not a man cheated on me for 4 years. He dates on dating online he on zoosk, POF, meetme, tinder, match, he loves nice chats n he chats to 10 girls @ all moments. He chats says to girls each r a friend. Paul say he wants cuddles nice meals a life 2 build 2 a life. If he not chatting back, he is doing the dirty with another tramp. Analia a tramp from America says Paul is a dream man. Only dream man Paul left her pregnant. He say he not want n life. Paul says sweet lovelies 2 all n all same. Analia will c Paul’s true ways. Bear in mind he has relationships Analia not seem to catch on. 9 girls have come forward 2 say exact words of Paul’s painful ways. Paul in royal airfoce n cheats internationally. Girls ‘once a cheater, always a cheater’ has evidence such a as Paul to back it up.


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