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Paul Anthony Cairns //Scotland//UK///Telford//Elgin//xxPacman2xx//

Royal Air Force Scotland boy
Be warned of Paul Anthony Cairns. Sleeps with married girls lots of girls at same time He is Royal Air Force. Cos he in RAF Lossiemouth Scotland //he has in his head he can get away with actions as such. Cheats lies and dates girls at base & all countries. 4 years I was his gf, he gots all apps 2 date n chat. Secretive with phone//This guys is bad news. Paul fancies chats with girls while in a relationship. Paul dated an American girl n denies he cheats. Her Facebook filled with pictures of his parents hometown. during our relationship he asked my friends 2 dinner on dating apps. Girls he will move 2 a new girl after ur text, he has way with girls you soon 2 see Paul is rubbish t***. Foolish boy, he give you 2% and the 98% is about him says he wants love, relationship, he lie. Says I love you fast, princess and baby and sweet lovelies, wants cuddles, oh baby this and that. He plays with heart n mind. Walk away fast. All girls be warned of his filthy initial meetings as he not charming when later he stop texting, cos you not the only one he is to text at same time. His phone you Must not touch cos he hides all his lies. Says he keeps private. Not believe Paul cos his private r all lies.
I sent one of his victims, emails, videos. Say to analia u careful cos Paul-Anthony Cairns will hurt u. She ignores, now I find he’s cheating to her with a girl in shropshire, she shows pictures 2 me and my sisters. Happiness 2 me I now has a lovely man who treats me like a princess. Paul is a frog//selfish boy. his dad is a molester look for Thomas Cairns in Telford. Go on search on web.

He cheated with me with American gal read on, he’s chatting to analia when I and Paul is playing with niece and nephew at sisters home, he’s cheating using his mobile to set encounters when he arrives to base.

On Jan 10, 2015, at 11:43 AM, Paul Anthony cairns wrote:
I cant actually remember if I asked but do you have Skype and whatsapp on your phone? we should add each other baby
On Saturday, 10 January 2015, 17:56, Analia Shoemaker wrote:
I do have skype sweety, I’m glad you made it safely. My skype ID is ashoe1977. I would love to see you.
Sent from my iPhone
On Jan 10, 2015, at 12:09 PM, Paul Anthony cairns wrote:
done baby, look forward to seeing you later sexy eyes 😉 suppose I better get the mouthwash out lol.
Hope your having a nice day, chat shortly princess
From: Analia Shoemaker
Date: January 10, 2015 at 12:14:30 PM CST
To: Paul Anthony cairns
Subject: Re: Skype & whatsapp
Your so funny! Yes we shall chat soon:)


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