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Patrick Lee of Central Market in Lewisville Texas got no game

This old man name Patrick Lee is like 50 and almost bald. You can see your reflection in his shiny scalp. He work entry level job at HEB Central Market in DFW. He tried to get with my girlfriend and texted a lot. He in the closet. He been divorced 3 times and is in debt. He has beer gut and bad breath I heard. I heard he has ED and viagra can’t help either and he only lasted 39 seconds whenever he f***** my girlfriend. He made my girlfriend pay for everything and he don’t even cook. He is violent to her and stalks her in his black Acura that he pays $1000 per month for. My girlfriend blocked his number. Stay away from my girlfriend Patrick Lee. I’ll post more details you don’t want the public to know if you ever contact her again. Don’t contact me either or I’ll press stalking charges on YOU.


Author: Anonymous

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