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Patrick Erin Ruane

46 year old liar, cheater, and abuser. Can’t stand someone who talks about my child in such an awful way. Don’t trust him!



64 thoughts on “Patrick Erin Ruane”

  1. She literally lives half a mile from me.

  2. They have been married since 2014. They we’re separated when she called me a year ago. He showed me their wedding picture and said what kind of w**** wears black to a wedding.

  3. I did a marriage check using their names and they are I fact married. Interesting since she spent so much time trying to, and finally succeeding, to destroy my marriage. She wanted to be with me the entire time she has been married to him. They are both disgusting people.

  4. It is disgusting that you have to find out here, that the mother of your child is married. And, that there is a site like this dedicated to her husband. Eventually the truth always comes out.

  5. They both come across as strong Christian’s. I think she even works for a church. I felt sorry for her and considered her to be the victim of this horrible man. From the posts here, it sounds like they are both guilty. I will pray for your souls.

  6. Gross she has dirty feet. She couldn’t wait to roll around naked in that stupid mask and couldn’t take the time to wash her feet. This just proves that anyone can pay to have their picture taken. Thanks got a good laugh?

  7. Her and Pat seem like they are perfect for each other. He is a liar who uses women and she is a disgusting woman. If she really does work for a church someone needs to reach out to the pastor. It is very dangerous to have our church leaders and staff engaged in the sexual activities she is choosing to participate in. I’m surprised to see the picture that was posted above after the way she carried on about her faith. They both want to receive the blessings but neither are willing to do the right things.

  8. After reading these posts and viewing the nude photos, I’m sick at the thought that I had sex with this man while he was still having sex with this woman. I got an STD from him in the beginning of 2015, he was supposedly cheating on her.

    Get tested ladies and draw away from both of them. Trailer Trash!

  9. If you want to know what church she works for go look at her Facebook page.

  10. If any of you want info on Patty’s new wife let me know. She has f***** with my life one too many times. I will let you know what she did in private so feel free to message me.

  11. Hey ladies… Be warned this poor excuse for a man is back out there with another set of lies. Stay very far away!

  12. It looks like he is steeling more than shoes these days, he has upgraded to cars. I saw him driving around in a chick car (red VW bug) that I heard was his wife’s but he took it because she got mad at him.

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