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Monique Blankenship – Oklahoma

Monique Blankenship. Beware of this homewrecker. She LOVES the married men. She starts off as an innocent friend and even friends the female. All the while she is backstabbing the female and being with the man. She has ruined 4 marriages. BEWARE!! She hides out at her local LifeChurch serving under false pretenses with children.


Author: Anonymous

33 thoughts on “Monique Blankenship – Oklahoma”

  1. Hahaha. . yes she does love those married men… Matter fact, She’s talking\screwing mine!!! Lol!! Anyone wanna contact me… Lets chit chat!!

  2. There is about 5 that i know of, was she friends of yours first thats how she gets in close

  3. Jennifer and Janet I would love to Chat with you two!

  4. Hahaha.. My daughter’s call her “Mo the hoe!” yelp gonna text you, give me a few minutes.

  5. Hahaha.. My daughter’s (who are teens and found adults) call her “Mo the hoe!” yelp gonna text you, give me a few minutes.

  6. Women are crazy, but the men are worst, they will go for anything, look at this chick, forehead is huge and i cant get past that lazy eye, hey im over here, lol, ladies you can do better then what you have.

  7. Ha! She does have a lazy eye! This nasty skank gave my Man a disease! She can have his a**! From the looks of it, she will be on to her next married man very soon, if she isn’t already.

  8. hahah, yelp she is on her next married man.. its mine as we speak, she tells his that this is a fake, and that she is being framed.. any one on here know each other?

  9. Sarah, i had sent you a text the other day… Did you receive it?

  10. Jennifer: No I didnt recieve anything from you. Try again today!

    And Yes, to answer your question I have talked to 2 other women on here. I have alot of good info for you if you would like it. 405-814-6447

  11. Ha! A fake?! She WISHES! Get in touch with me I have a TON of info you can use to proove to him she is DEFINITELY NOT being framed….its her pattern, who she is! She will never change! I personally know of 4 marriages she ruined…Jennifer, you make the 5th!

  12. Jennifer is was SO great to chat with you today! I hope I gave you the info you were wanting. And thanks for the info you gave me…I now have the info I needed to go after her.

  13. Soon her work, family, and church will know what she has been up to these past few months.

  14. Found out from a friend about you on this website, its fitting because your one nasty, home wrecking fat fake b****. we thought this was behind us but hear your talking s*** about us and spreading lies to your new married lover, you F*****up, its on now, get ready for the this.

  15. Hey i know her. We use to work with eachother, not sure if this is all true but i do remember hearing things around work about her messing with another co-worker, he was married. Its a shame because i think she is married and has kids. I cant believe this showed up in facebook, i hope things workout.

  16. This comes up on homewreckers via instagram, she is everywhere


  18. She will never be orginal, always has to model herself after her married men exes. TAKE A HINT, they only want you for 1 thing, be yourself, lol who am i kidding. Oh raise your hand if you have this hat in your pictures, lol, tommy boy, did you buy that for her to remind you of anyone, lololol.

  19. Nice try! Your “friends” aren’t as loyal are you THINK they are.

    P.S. Why all the photo edits?? #fake #bereal

  20. I was given this website from a book about you that i got in my facebook. I did not believe what people were saying about you until i talked with these ladies. I considered you a friend. Im shocked by the lengths you have gone to ruin people, i wish i listen to people before, but i didnt want to believe anything bad about you. You are sick and im ashmed i know you. You have fooled all of us and i hope you get help. This last guy had a family, im so sad in my heart right now. You will both regret the decisions you have made, and when we talked last you were having a hard time, now i know all that was fake. i feel sorry for you, i hope that both of you can get the help you desperately need. You both have lost respect from your kids and hope one day they will forgive you. You guys will always be looked at, whispers will flood any room you enter. with this is going to hurt a lot of people.

  21. You wanna know whats funny Monique?!?! My husband that you slept with, gave me this site about you… Hey go ahead and keep him, we are now divorced, I wouldn’t of taken him back after he touch something like you… Just remember… YOU WERE one big decision in that. You affected some children as well! Hmmm….. I hope while you are in your active LIFE CHURCH prayer group, you realize the outcome of this all… YOU would think that if anyone was ever accused of sleeping with married men, the first thing would be to step the hell away from it UNTIL that couple had time to think or work it all out… desperate to say the least…

  22. Damn she just doesn’t stop. Worked with this hoe at Albertsons, people, she was this way back then too. Hit me up, i got some stories for you , Hate to hear about all yall, but there are others, lives she has ruined, won’t stop with you guys. She will get what’s coming to her, the problem is she doesnt think what she is doing is wrong, she never has, i gave this site to some people that she has hurt in the past, they freaked out, they figured she would have like ten kids with ten diff men, married of course lol. I will tell you this, no man will stay with her, so the guys alwys kick themselves in the butt after being with this chick.

  23. Lol… Dan, tell us more of the stories you have.. I know I’m curious about her. ? yesterday my child told me that her dad has quit talking to her, because he realized how crazy she is… He told our kid that she told him she “got off her meds” but she will start taking them again… She’s definitely a weird one….

  24. Looks like she is trying to buy him back. Crazy psycho! He doesn’t want you anymore! He is already talking to other women! Take a hint!

  25. Monique, You can keep changing your screen-names all you want. It doesn’t change the truth and who you are! I am trying to tell you…your “friends” aren’t as loyal as you think they are! But it was a nice try!

  26. Hey Monique, your true love S.W. is now officially single!! Although, the circumstances as to why and how aren’t probably his idea of how he wanted it to go down. But nontheless, you should reach out to him, I am sure he needs you now. Guess it was fate you were never able to sell those Ohio State pajama pants, you should probably keep them now. You two deserve each other! You are both lying losers, who aren’t going anywhere in life. Oh! And by the way, try not to sleep with any married men in the OJA.

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