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Mike Butsch Strategic Relationship Manager

A relationship manager is a professional who works to improve a firm’s relationships with both partner firms and customers. Mike Butsch is interested only in his own self interests. He uses women in order to feed his warped sexual appetite. He misrepresents himself and lies without skipping a beat. Watch him get angry when he is confronted by the truth. He thinks he is so clever, but it is all lies. He pretends like he is caring and considerate, but it is all about how he can manipulate you to get what he wants. He gets off on tricking people. He focuses on his reputation and material goods, and uses women and people for his personal gain. His deception is so deep he probably believes it himself. He lives a lie. Stay clear of this loser, so you do not become his next victim. It appears that he has some prostitute complaining about him trying to rip her off as well. Nothing is too low for this loser.


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