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Miguel Garay, aka Miguel Shmuk

Miguel Garay, aka Miguel Shmuk cheated on me with his ex-girlfriend (Bertha Rivero), who he caught having sexual relations with another man, posted their story on CheaterVille, and is now back with his cheating ex-girlfriend that kicked him out of their home and to the curb. After a 3 year relationship, I was shocked to come home and find that he moved out. No call, no text, no email, nothing. Miguel Garay left me in a lease, bills that were 2 and 3 months behind, and my son sobbing wondering what he did wrong to make him leave.

After the roller coaster of emotions pass, you must realize, it is nice when the trash takes itself out!!!



3 thoughts on “Miguel Garay, aka Miguel Shmuk”

  1. Miguel, why not have the balls to tell the woman who you are supposedly “in love” with to her face that you are interested in your “ex cheating girlfriend” and be a MAN! Not cool! You know that what goes around, comes around… Your “ex cheating girlfriend” will do the same to you again……

  2. When you lay down without dogs, you get up with fleas. He is gonna learn after she gives him something he cannot get rid of, like Aids.

  3. Thank you L.M. and Katrina. Your support is greatly appreciated more than you know. The emotions of feeling completely ruined and damaged are beyond words. I recently learned that my son reached out to Miguel on two separate occasions and Miguel ignored both communications. Karma will sort that out for him.

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