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Michael Collier “Collins” – Tacoma WA

He’s a minister! First United Methodist Church in Tacoma, WA. He is also active in local politics.

Told me his wife, Kathy, is dead. Well, according to her Facebook page, she’s alive and well.


Author: Anonymous

2 thoughts on “Michael Collier “Collins” – Tacoma WA”

  1. Omg!!!
    I’ve been looking for information on this guy for nearly a year!!
    Thank you!!
    He is currently in the process of grooming my developmentally disabled friend.
    He’s moving her to a condo in Portland next week!!
    This man needs to be stopped!!

  2. Maybe you are part of the problem….no solution here bashing someone.
    If he’s “grooming your dd friend” than talk to that person and have them call the authorities and have them do something. People like you are sick posting about others without any knowledge of the situation at hand. I pray your soul will find God.

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