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Michael Bahrakis, Florida

I would like to take a moment to actually thank Michael Bahrakis for NOT being like all those I read about on here. For actually being a decent human being. It’s rare to find men like him anymore, as this website clearly states. So thank you for being a great person and man.


Author: Anonymous

4 thoughts on “Michael Bahrakis, Florida”

  1. I agree. All these posts on him are generated by an ex and it’s inconceivable that damaging lies can be easily spread through websites without proof. I see this website has recently changed it’s name. To have sounding boards that occupy the top listing in Google without proof, that could jeopardize someone’s reputation, is inhumane. They are all done anonymously and probably with fake emails. I’m sure if this site emailed the posters, most would never even get it. Maybe send a code to every email and if they can’t respond back with a code, the post gets removed. It’s all shady and sad. Sorry Michael you fell victim to a woman who didn’t know how to be an adult and move on.

  2. He’s not even close to being a good guy or a decent man. You’re delusional. He’s a theif, a professional crook…a manipulative, misogynistic, latent homosexual. Beware. Don’t say you weren’t warned. Con artists deserve what they get.

  3. And how old are you? This is exactly what I’m talking about how websites allow scorned people to voice insignificant opinions. You’re obviously a bitter single person. The realty is, relationships don’t always work. It’s rare for both parties to walk away happy after breaking up. Someone is always left hurt. It’s life, grow up. It’s obvious since you responded rather quickly on here, you were someone he chose not to be with and instead of moving on in a respectful way, you’re choosing to act like a child and make up ridiculous lies. I mean come on, you lie and say he’s a thief but you feel it’s important to say he could be a homosexual as well? What’s you’re point besides proving you’re homophobic and associate homosexuals with being con artists. Shame on you! Plus, I’m sure if you dated you know he more than pays for his way and others. What ever money is spent between two people is between the two people which makes referencing a person as a thief, ridiculous. How about focusing on yourself! I’m sure it’s obvious to most, since you hide behind fake names, your comment is nothing but stupid ignorant lies because you were dumped. How about focusing on finding a relationship that might work. I can tell you though, if this is your personality …. to destroy, you’ll be single for the rest of your life! Be an adult, focus on yourself, move on.

  4. I agree as well Point Proven. Move the f*** on. Stop the b*******. No guy going to want to date you Dark Corners Can’t Hide You and your revengful personality. All of his posts on here are old except this one which means, you must always be looking him up. Hahaha MOVE THE F*** ON. Stop trying to lie and throw stupid s*** out there. Yea, how old are you?

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