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Matt Huff St Louis Mo Big Liar and Cheat

Matt Huff is the worst kind of liar and cheater. He uses his children as excuses, he strings multiple women along at the same time, all the while using the same stories to a degree but changes them slightly. This cheater was caught in the act, red handed with another woman at a major sporting event. Being non confrontational and the better woman I walked away but I made it my business to find out who the other woman he was stringing along was. I made sure to open her eyes so to speak finding out that he had been stringing her along for 2 years and he has recently been on dating sites since I stopped talking to this scum bag. So he was going to just replace me and find another side chick and keep on rolling. I hope that the other poor woman has the strength needed to walk away from this lying, cheating scum bag. Because he throws out all the good lines like he’s not looking to just sleep with you or I would have done that right away. He enticed you with expensive Vehicles, like his Mercedes. He asks for your help with his insurance business since you are going to be in a long term relationship… he asks for you to trade cooking for using his in home gym equipment.. please I can buy my gym membership. Matt Huff needs to realize that he can’t treat women like s*** and get away with it. Lord knows he also talks all kinds of s*** on the ex-wife and how she has family services after him every other week maybe there is a reason for that now that I look back at it. He’s got looks, charm, and yes a nice body from his home gym.. but he only wants to take you to lunch because trust me he’s got another woman he’s only taking to dinner or that’s living with him in some capacity. This guy is just another sleezy salesman… I would be scared to let him sell me insurance now that I really think about it!! He might as well be a used car salesman because he’s no better than they are. Ladies of St Louis Missouri, Imperial Missouri beware of this Dog in fine clothes and an expensive car. Stay away when you find him on POF and Tinder as he’s known to frequent these sites as well. Make sure you are not the next Fire Hydrant he does his business on and you get screwed over and your heart gets broken and you loose months of your life thinking you have found “the one”, because all you have found is dog poop, in designer clothes that smells nice, kisses great and drives a fine car. Beyond that he’s just another dog and you could have found yourself better at the local Humane Society!!!


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