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mary greko

When i met mary i was still inlove w my x.eventhough mary wasnt atractive and smelled like bodyoder.i needed a distraction.she said she didnt work was on disability.til a bud called saying she was stripping at the KingsInn.asked y she lied.said she didnt want me to think she was a s***.then came home from work early to find her being treeted like a farm animal by a fat black guy on my bed.she has been stalking me since. i burned the so men and wimen”ya shes bisexual”beware of mary shs has bad habbits,and is not to b trusted. o ya she never wanted me at her house.she allways came here.not just cause her house smelled bad and was a dirty dump.i foundout after i stopped talking to her that she lives w her fat sixty year old boyfreind and her girlfreind.and the first time she slept over her bush was saw discusting that i said i was tired and had to work in the morning. like choobacka.pluss had scares and acnie allover her b**** and back.allmost through up. the woste was when she called herself my girlfreind when i never asked her to b and never would. she actually went around telling people i was her boyfreind and we were together. beware of mary. i have to get a restraining order. i was pissed,but now i feel sorry for her.the poor thing


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