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MARK MOREL Painesville, OH

Life-long serial cheater. Pathological liar. Addicted to pornography. Sexually sick. BEWARE



8 thoughts on “MARK MOREL Painesville, OH”

  1. How would you like to have a mentally crazy x that will say or post anything to try to keep you from finding someone else… I have not had any contact with this person since Nov of 2014.. if you read this feel free to ask me about it. Mark

  2. Or… if interested in perspective, contact me. HA– cheaters always call their x derogatory names–business as usual. LOL.
    Categorically no interest or concern about this individual “finding someone”. I feel genuinely, most profoundly sorry for any woman who buys into his false loyalty and declaration of love. No one deserves that. Good luck.

  3. Perhaps Gina needs a profile on this site for lying and harrassment.

  4. Please, go right ahead! Beauty of truth and photos–they don’t lie. Despite a liar&cheater spin on *image control*. Truth isn’t harassment, dude. Hilarious. Sure, game on. Go for it!

  5. BTW ladies,fyi those male names in his phone– the texts, missed calls, voice mails– not males. He renames females w/guy names– part of his “game”.

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