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Marc Hildesheim, Minnesota – abusive liar

This “man” said he was divorced for 14 months prior to us dating. Found out 1 month in that he was still married and divorce proceedings weren’t even started yet. In fact, his wife moved out only 3 days prior to our first date. Because I’m stupid, I forgave him and we stayed together. For the next 3 years he became more and more belligerent with obvious lies. I discovered he was an alcoholic who never went to work, and constantly lied about everything. When confronted with his lies when caught, he would act out in a verbally abusive manner. Over the years the verbal abuse turned into manipulation. Deliberate mental and emotional abuse ensued. Eventually it all came to a head with a physical altercation in which he threw me up against a wall, and then threw me down on the floor of the garage. Then ran away to the bar like a coward. And again, i’m STUPID and forgave him and when back. Then the lies became more and more evident, and he began not even coming home at night even when his children (from a previous marriage) were with us. Then he would blame me for not wanting to come home and staying out drinking. When we broke up he then tried to convince me that we broke up 2 months earlier than we actually did, in order to justify him cheating and dating someone while we were still together. Furthermore, everything he said to me and about me to others were the EXACT same things he said to me about his ex-wife to garner sympathy. This “man” is an abusive liar. A complete narcissist who will do anything and everything to have his needs met. He is extremely sweet and charming at the beginning of the relationship, and then once he receives a commitment he begins to slowly and deliberately abuse this partner. Raging alcoholic. A father only when it suits him. Not a good person…AT ALL.


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