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Luke William Barnby, Australia

A serial cheater. He was in a relationship with me for 9 months, until I discovered he had been sending nudes to so many different women over the entire time we were dating. We broke up and he cried and kept trying to sort it out.. eventually I broke down (because I loved the idiot) and agreed to work things out. No less than a week later, I found out he was in a relationship with another woman and seeing her before and after he was seeing me.
He is a master manipulator and liar. He will tell the girls the world to gain their trust and totally chip away at your self confidence until you believe he is too good for you, then find out he is a cheating, horrible waste of space.
Also he was having unprotected sex with me for 9 months knowing full well that I had genital herpes, so theres a very good chance he has that too. Stay away from him, you will regret it.

Goes by the name Luke William on facebook. And is into some real weird sexual s*** (daddy/daughter, having a knife held against him)


11 thoughts on “Luke William Barnby, Australia”

  1. It could have been made easier if you provided the link to his Facebook page since there are possibly more guys out there who go by this name as well. Sometimes, it doesn’t show up easily on people search results.

  2. He deleted his fb, thats why I attached a photo.

  3. I see. Either that or deactivated if he plans to go back and use his Facebook account again later. At least now people know what he looks like seeing his selfie you uploaded.

  4. Well hunny your just as dirty for passing that on like realy your just as bad as he is and sounds like your just as twisted

  5. Well hunny you are just as bad for passing that on to some one else like come on who sleeps with some unprotected knowing you have that sounds like you are just as sick and twisted like come on get some help I bet there is more to this hole story that you don’t want to tell everyone hey

  6. It’s saddening but unsurprising to still see him up to his own tricks. My story with him is much like yours. minus the STD’s and went on for about twice as long. When he wasn’t staying at mine once a week, he was be back at home where he lived with his fiance/girlfriend. There were many before me, a crap done during me and no doubt there will forever be more in the future. He is truly pathetic. Would do anything to get laid, and the more he got, the weirder/dangerous or more thrilling things would have to become so he could continue to get off. He is a sex addict. Manipulator. Master liar. Sociopath. Only feels what would be right to feel in those situations. He’s disgusting.

  7. Still up to his dirty old tricks. Pathetic. I’ve got a crap tone of info on him if needed. Probably still have his pathetic screenshots too.

  8. However, if you look up her facebook, it would appear she went back to him. You’re stuck in the cycle of thinking he will change.

  9. If you choose to share them, you may submit those screenshots one by one in the comments section. It’s a recent upgrade for this site to include a feature that enables commenters to upload images, which will appear in the post after being moderated.

  10. There are many pictures added recently which blatantly violate the “guidelines.” Moderation seems to be a charade. E.g., there’s supposed to be no naked pics, but there are pictures of penises, oral sex, flashers, etc.

    It appears to be designed to signal, “See? There’s no real moderation on these sites. You can’t make any inferences based on what’s posted here.” Maybe no moderation, but there certainly is judgment and processing… but I digress. Rayna, are you one of the official moderators? If so, there was a young lady in the Facebook page urgently requesting a response regarding removals.

  11. Yes, there have been uploading of inappropriate pictures from what I’d seen. Only comments get moderated. Apparently, this must be one of those sites that don’t work like typically official sites do in moderating everything from comments to pictures that get submitted.

    I had previously requested a removal of a certain slanderous post on this site. There was no response. It’s like talking to a wall.

    No. I’m not a moderator of this site. I just happen to be a passerby who had found my way to this site a ways back.

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