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Lorrin Wright (Lawrence Allen Wright, Allen Lawrence Wright), Canada

Lorrin Wright, also known previously as Lawrence Allen Wright and Allen Lawrence Wright, maintained a relationship with Michelle Knights and others in the 90s while claiming to be in a monogamous relationship. He lives in Kelowna and works for BD Hall Construction.

Lorrin is in his late forties and is a known womanizer, pathological liar, and egomaniac. He also seems to have some issues with matters of conscience, bordering on sociopathy. Everything I writing is true. I have seen it myself.

Lorrin began seeing Michelle after he broke up with another girl. He admitted to having thirty lovers (one nights stands, massage parlour girls, girls he picked up at clubs, Japanese girls from escort service agencies, girls met online and through dating ads in the newspaper). He continued to harass his girlfriends that he broke up with by calling friends and family to find out their location, and would show up in different locations such as the local shopping malls, restaurants, libraries, and other locations with claims that he accidentally ran into them. It was well known and confirmed by friends and family that he tracked former girlfriends down without permission by calling them and getting information. He also repeatedly called them and left messages repeatedly.

Lorrin saw Michelle on the weekends and had begun seeing her earlier before she abruptly broke up with him. He had taken nude and provocative photos of Michelle, which she carried around and showed people, when she was sixteen and seventeen. He had lured her onto the top of his car and had plied her with alcohol and droplets of acid into her drinks. He then took nude pictures of her.

Lorrin kept photograph copies and negatives. When Michelle broke up with him, he threatened to publish them on the Internet as well as in magazines. He threatened her repeatedly with this action and the negatives had to be removed from his household. He still maintained other copies and negatives, which again had to be removed. He had attempted to blackmail Michelle into returning to him and not saying anything about his behavior towards her and others.

He cheated on Michelle and allowed her only to see him on weekends. For two years, she complained that he was clearly seeing someone else. One of his lovers was HIV-positive, which he was aware of, but said nothing to Michelle, his other girlfriends, his former girlfriends, and anyone else he slept with.

He became engaged to Michelle in May of 1994 and was engaged to her until September of 1995. His mother approved of her because she came from a background of money and was not perceived as low-class, assertive, work-oriented, or demanding.

In June of 1995, he took a regular trip to Japan and China in order to pick up Japanese and Chinese women including escorts and prostitutes. He was aware of his girlfriend and her status as HIV-Positive as she had taken up with a heroin addict. He continued to have sex without condoms with several women. He called Michelle on a trip to Japan in 1995 and told her he wanted an open relationship, was sleeping with other women, and was picking up women on his usual annual trip to the Orient. He then demanded an open relationship or threatened to break up with her. She complied, uncertain what to do.

It should be noted that Michelle has mental disabilities, a rare disorder called narcolepsy, and suffers from the effects of oxygen deprivation to the brain, a head injury, and dyslexia which makes it impossible for her to read or process math properly. Lorrin was taking advantage of a young and intellectually disadvantage girl not familiar with relationships, and was eight years older than her at the time.

Michelle sensed that he had been cheating on her with Audre and others since he required her to appear only on weekends, and once caught Audre with Lorrin in his office. The evidence of underwear and perfume was there. She also found the clothing of other women in his house, room at his mothers house, phone numbers, and gifts.

Lorrin felt the need to introduce Audre to all his friends and family, including people who were friends of Michelle. Many of his friends knew Michelle as his girlfriend. Audre admitted that she had met Lorrin in August of 1993, when he was dating other people. He pursued her without telling her that he was dating other people and then began a relationship with Michelle behind her back. Michelle was not aware of Lorrin and his openly dating Audre while introducing her to many of his (their) friends. Audre was not aware of Michelle, their engagement, or his involvement with other women.

Lorrin would hide and lie about his sexual history. He told several of his girlfriends that he slept with two or three women and then later admit the number was much higher. He pitched himself as someone who wanted to marry and settle down, who liked monogamy, who preferred long-term relationships, but was living a double life. He frequented escort services, collected pornography, and pursued one-night stands, online dating, and women in nightclubs while he maintained two or three relationships with women. He continued this behavior into his marriage.

Michelle admitted that she went over to his house and found violent, sadomasochistic and hardcore pornography in boxes around the foyer and other places. He often had weekend parties that she attended. She asked him to stop upsetting guests with the display of this material, so he spread the pornography around the house. The material was placed on display in bathroom baskets, on kitchen counters, on living room tables, on bookshelves, and other locations. He also kept pornography on his computer and downloaded Asian pornography on several computers he kept in his house.

He claimed that he was working and downloading computer files, messages, and programs that he sold, (at the time he claimed to be selling Microsoft Cloud licenses for software to businesses through a group called Pareto as well as selling computer parts to local people who emailed him about these matters). When Michelle went to check on these computers on three different occasions, she discovered that he was hooked up to pornographic websites as well as online dating sites, and that he downloaded messages, videos, and profiles of women.

In June of 1995, he returned from his trip to Japan with a girl from Hokkaido. He introduced this eighteen-year-old girl who could not speak any English to all his friends and family as his new fiancee but had not broken up with Michelle. He was still engaged to Michelle when he married Yumi. Her parents had opposed this marriage and had offered to pay her way back to Japan along with offering her a job at their ski lodge or bed and breakfast, with the promise she could return to living with them and go back to college or work, and they would pay.

Lorrin talked Yumi out of this and married her in late July of 1995. Michelle did not learn that he moved from the house of his mother to Penticton, where she had bought him a house. While his mother knew that Lawrence had married Yumi, she refused to discuss the matter with Michelle, give him his new phone number, arrange a meeting between them, or let her know where he was now located.

His mother had several confrontations with Michelle and a friend of hers, Gordon Wilson. They were finally able to find out the truth, retrieve the photographs, and gather her belongings after nearly two months of arguing on her doorstep. His mother enabled him to marry behind Michelle with her permission and protection.

Lorrin had taken several trips to Australia, Vancouver, and Toronto over Yumi and her passport issues without informing Michelle. He continued his relationship with Audre until November of 1995, when she dumped him and went back to her heroin-addicted boyfriend.

Lorrin knew of Audre and her HIV-positive status, but refused to obtain testing. He never informed Michelle or his wife Yumi of this situation. He had a child with Yumi and still said nothing. Audre came down with a rare type of pneumonia in 1998 and was hospitalized for much of 1998 and 1999. Michelle came upon her in the hospital when she was there undergoing various medical treatments not related to HIV. She tested and was negative but had contracted Pelvic Inflammatory Disease from untreated and asymptomatic gonorrhea and chlamydia. Her doctor had required advanced treatment to save Michelle and her fertility from more pelvic damage.

Michelle learned about Audre and her advanced condition. She went to see her when she was on life support and attempted five times to inform Lorrin of his ex-girlfriend and her status. He refused to see her, and his mother insisted that he must not be bothered about the matter since he had family concerns.

Michelle also was assaulted viciously by a man known to the police and Lorrin himself as a convicted assaulter of women. He beat women physically and sexually assaulted him. As it stands, this man is in jail for his fifty conviction on assault charges and finally was given a year in jail in Alberta. At the time, in 1994, he had already been convicted three times for assaults (physical and sexual) against women.

Though Lorrin was aware of his background, he introduced Michelle to this man. He told her that he would teach her how to ski and that he was licensed as a ski instructor. Michelle wanted to learn how to ski and her parents owned a ski chalet at Big White, where she partied. He had taken Audre up on several occasions to parties there while dating other people and had sex in front of Michelle and others (this was before he started dating Michelle).

This man became obsessed with Michelle and took her to his house, where his bizarre behavior was upsetting. He was agitated and made strange threats. He became upset when he refused her advances, and so this man assaulted her on her birthday with a vase struck against her head. Michelle ended up in the hospital for two weeks with a concussion, cracked skull, blood loss, and vertigo. Three reconstructive surgeries were required to repair the damage, including removal of scar tissue, scar revision surgery, stitches, and insertion of fiberglass and wire to seal the skull with removal of bone fragments. Thanks to the miracle of surgery, the scarring is minimal but there is a dent in her forehead and scarring along her forehead, usually covered by headbands and bangs.

Lorrin is a dangerous person without a conscience and little respect for women. He seems to harbor a hatred of women and is indifferent to social standards or concern for other people. He seems to take delight in hurting others. Hopefully, other women will avoid him. His wife Yumi left him years ago and he has changed his name to avoid connection with his past from Lawrence Allen Wright to Lorrin Wright. His parents are Gail and Trevor Wright of Kelowna.


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