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54 thoughts on “Register”

  1. Post about the guy in Montana is not true nor accurate….its just a malicious attack. To put minor children on a website is not only cruel but should be criminal. It shows this website will allow random people to make false claims the post links on here that will charge to have erroneous information removed.

    The site states they will remove information if you can provide legal documentation that the posting is malicious, however they do not provide an avenue to submit such documents.

    This is a very unfortunate thing and a site that would accept a post and picture of children from an anonymous person and then post said picture is just unscrupulous. My take away from this is any site that does this need to be held accountable for the damage to the children in the post.

  2. Post about a guy I dated for years. His name is Stephen Guidry and he lives in Houston Texas.
    He cheated repeatedly and has never seem to regret it. He is an extreme gentleman who dresses for success but it’s all a facade. He is only a gentleman to get what he wants. He only cares about himself but will pretend to care and court you for a while. Always has side chicks whether on Facebook or from his hangout Swagger or any other bar he frequents. He is a college substitute teacher so he only gets paid when he works so he’s broke. But wants the look like he has money. He is Very intelligent with lots of education and loves politics. But not ambitious.Be very careful of the subtle abuse because it is abuse. He has a criminal history of assault as well. A Sociopath. No empathy for anyone but Stephen.

  3. **Removal Request**

    Good Afternoon,
    In February, I posted the two URLs in error and the information was false. Following the post, it went viral, caused a lot of upset for the above noted individual. He lost his family, children and his job. He feel in a big depression. I have been trying tirelessly over the months to request to have the post remove and could not determine a way to do so. On last week, this individual killed himself due to the shame and depression that the post caused. I can barely deal with the guilt knowing that this is my fault. His family is completely distraught. I am begging on behalf of his child and his family that these posts are taken so that they do not have to suffer with this memory.
    * I’m just begging that you assist. I didn’t notice realize I could create an account on the night and could delete these posts. I could provide the exact date and my geographical location of the post to show proof that I am the creator.

    Please him to give this family some relief- please!

  4. I had a very bad experience with an love rat from Egypt. His name is Mohamed Saad Elgamal, 51 yo,from Cairo. He is cardioligist doctor. He lied to me he is divorced and after few years i found out he is married and has 3 kids. Very nice in the beginning, he shows soon his real face. Sick mind,pervert,liar,playing many women in the same time ,looking for free easy sex on internet. So ladies be carefull. His phone nr 00201110108580

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