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Kristina Gannon/Tubbs Mug Shot

Here is a mugshot of Kristina ( one of many).


Author: Anonymous

20 thoughts on “Kristina Gannon/Tubbs Mug Shot”

  1. Kristina is not aging well! Yikes!!

  2. She has gained a lot weight this past year, and looks really puffy in her face. She also needs to tone her arms up, looks flabby!

  3. Kristina you really need to lose some weight! You look so heavy in you pics! You were much thinner when you worked at McKay………….I guess alcohol does that to a girl…………….so sad..

  4. Oh yeah the size 4 back then and the size 4 now is horrible! From 128 to 132, HUGE! Lol, you’re the pathetic, obviously lonely and sad girl.

  5. A very tight size 4!! Remember, just because you can squeeze yourself into pants or a shirt doesn’t mean it looks good on you. Be realistic please!!! After all, you live in a dysfunctional and abusive dreamworld.

  6. Kristina is a very insecure person, especially since Joe cheats on her with women that look so much better than her. She has very low self esteem and is an alcoholic, which means she can’t cope with life. She is very mentally unstable, paranoid, and codependent. She hangs onto the hope that Joe won’t cheat anymore ( he will/is cheating). He also beats her and is verbally abusive. She lives a sad life, but will claim she is so happy. I would not want to be her!!

  7. Sweetheart, you couldn’t even squeeze one of your fat porky fingers into a sized 4! Keep stalking, hating and obsessing, pathetic wanna be. Loser. Obviously whomever you are is a sad lonely ugly boring stalker. All these posts do are cause a good laugh. Thank you for the sad pathetic laughable entertainment:) now go get a life you sorry B******

  8. Why can’t you admit you are an alcoholic and codependent stuck in an abusive relationship, you are lying to your self. Such a bad example you are setting for your kids!!

  9. Joe is cheating again, but you were crazy enough to think marriage would make him faithful. He is a cheater, beater, drunk, liar, fire captain has been. Open your eyes Kristina, get out now.Take your kids and go, life could be so much better for you.Why stay with an abusive, cheating man????

  10. Kristina, you need to stop telling your story of how Joe swooped in and was a dad to your kids, saved you, he is your life, etc. The truth is you were both married to other people when you met, you are both alcoholics, and you both have criminal records a mile long. You have brought each other down in life, he beats you, cheats, you lost your kids for a while and they had to go live in Texas with your parents. Stop this delusional story telling. It is not a “love story”. People laugh at you two, pitty you for marrying your abuser, and are sad for your kids.

  11. Kristina has probably lost her so called marketing job, and how did she get a decent job with her criminal history? Probably made it up, there was no marketing job,she is delusional!

  12. Kristina, what happened to that !marketing job? Does your new employer know about your criminal past, especially working with dementia and Alzheimer’s patients? I will be alerting your administrator at your job this week about your criminal history. Your welcome.

  13. Please tell me what criminal history she has. I work with her currently and that statment about working with dementia and alz concerns me.

  14. MS. CHAVEZ, Krisrina has been arrested for many things .Google her name as Maria Kristina Tubbs, and view images of her mugshots . You will find the answers you need.

  15. Kristina loves to harass Joe’s daughters! She tells people they are in drug rehab, they need to lose weight, etc. She is a horrible ugly person inside and out!

  16. And she did lose her job!
    And she always tells people to shave and lose weight — she has gastric bypass surgery because she was so fat!

  17. Concerned, Kristina is truly a horrible person, and treats Joes daughters like crap! I am not surprised that she got fired.

  18. Hey Kristina, how is that joke of a marriage working out ??? You married your abuser you idiot!!! Good luck with that……….

  19. Wow, Kristina has a history of a DUI, along with many other charges. More and more is coming out about her!! I am going to keep posting more and more info.

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