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Kiyonte “Kiyon” Griffin from Shelby, Mississippi is a lying dog!

He isn’t anything but a composive liar. He stay cheating. He buy women. For instance, I can call him and say I’ll send you a couple pictures or I meet up with you and he’ll send me whatever I want. He acts like a female. He stay gossiping. I was with him for two years. He thought he was so smart. He doesn’t know how to do anything. His sex is trash. I had to masturbate afterwards every time. Also for him to wear a big a** shoe, his d*** is small as hell. He constantly lie about his age. Y’all he was born in ’82. Then, he has the nerve to think everyone is out to get him or everyone is against him. He stayed checking out women in front of me. I looked passed his outer appearance and tried accepting his heart but that was a big mistake. I should have pulled a him on him.


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