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Ken Vermilion, Ohio

So Becca. You think he is faithful? Now that he is finally divorced he is all yours?  He would never cheat?  He is going to marry you?  Well let’s just say you are stupid as I was because he tells me he loves me too and the next place he gets will be for us. Just so you know I am in his life (well not anymore but by MY choice), I know about his son’s injury, and the Triumph, and his new place (that I help find) and I sometimes even collect his mail (PMB 330 in Hillard sound familiar?). He told me he was done with you and from all  the sweet texts he sends me from 740-512-xxx2 I believed him but then I found the texts to you.  I even saw your profile on sls  (do…sha….) You just don’t know about the other profile he has on sls or on lovevodoo, the one he met me under. Try entering his email in the “forgot password box” and then check his email – unfortunately for you he will delete it as soon as he reads this post and you will believe him again. Sad thing is you and I are not the only ones.  Ken you are truly a piece of s***.  Wake up Becca, he will never change.   Once a lying cheater always a lying cheater.   


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8 thoughts on “Ken Vermilion, Ohio”

  1. Hahahahaha. Still f****** around on Becca huh?  Love it. Would bet money this poster is blond with big b**** – I WOULD BET BIG MONEY! Oh sweet dumb Becca when will you finally say enough?  You really are so insecure you would tolerate this or are previous posters right and you are playing him?  Sugar Daddy paying your bills and supporting your kids? Better Ken then the tax payers that you aren’t f******! Lol. You do realize your kids and your parents will find out and then what?  Lol. What a lovely joke!  So happy I bailed when I did. By the way thank you poster for the sls info. I think I will post it before Ken does what he always does and close it and reopen in a few weeks….the man can’t stop cheating and lying after all.  Here as a picture of the lovely couple she has posted on FB. BTW Becca I bought him that shirt he is wearing. Good thing there are lots of swinger sites out there and let’s not forget his old standby, Craigslist! Wake up Becca. We all can’t be lying and eventually you will catch him in a lie he can talk his way out of.

  2. Dumb b**** deserves pain. Seriously girlfriend! How do these women know these details unless they know him?  No wonder he stays with you. You are one stupid b**** believing his lies especially with his history! Geez how dumb are you? Lol

  3. All, this is Ken, this is the first time and only time I have responded and posted anything on here, although there are many posts with my name. I have tried to ignore these posts, I figured that whoever you are, would get bored and crawl back into whatever hole you crawled out of, I could not imagine that someone has such a sad life, and have so much time. You have hid online and come out of the hole likely when your meds wear off.

    To the stalker that has posted this, it seems you have a lot of free time. the fact that you have admitted to being in my emails and others, you track down where I have lived and live, you have my phone number, you know my mailing address, you have sent letters, packages, you have tracked down the hotels I have stayed in for work, you have texted from fake accounts, you have called and texted others from fake accounts, you seem to know where I am at all times, and you know what I drive and more concerning that my son has an injury, would like to know why you think that, seems like stalking to me.

    I am a bit confused as to what help you provided on my new place, and how you get my email, also buying my clothes? And that we are done your choice? I have such the life I didn’t know I had.

    To all I apologize for the pain and anguish that I and this has caused, the endless emails they have sent, the phone calls from the fake numbers all hours of the night, the texts from the fake numbers, letters packages. This person hacked emails, contacted the contacts in my cell and work emails, contacted friends and family. I do have police reports in many states, and we have this well documented. For all this I am sorry.

    I am with Becca and only her, you need to get a life. You have invaded the privacy of myself and others, it is time this stops.

    You apparently know how to contact me, I suggest you stop stalking and stop hiding online you have my number. It is time I end this!

  4. Well Kenny I will respond to what you wrote. Of course you are telling Becca you are only with her but I know for a fact that is not true and you know that is not true and I’m sure Jen and Krista and the Other PA woman and the many other women you told you were only with them laughed, when they read that, because I sure as hell did! I don’t know all about the crap you are dishing out about getting into your phone and your email and contacting your contacts etc because I never have been in your email or your phone NEVER and I NEVER contacted any of your friends or family so stop making up s***. I know your number because you gave it to me lover. I know about J’s injury because you told me about it. I know about your motorcycle because you showed it to me. I know about your PO Box because you asked me to pick up mail or I was with you when you picked it up. I know where you are only because you tell me, I know about everything because of you and nothing devious. As for being faithful to Becca I will ask you this. Is that what your told Jennifer for all the years you were married to her? Did you tell that to Krista when you were with her? Did you tell that to the other woman in PA? I know you told me I was the only one. Sorry but your word doesn’t mean very much when you are talking about fidelity. As for my meds. Cute you know I am not on meds. At least I don’t need to order meds from Canada to keep my d*** up and working! I have not invaded your privacy in the least because you invited me into your life. Police reports for what? For telling the truth? Go ahead and look at your history in Yahoo Ken and post proof that someone hacked your email LOL
    you won’t because you can’t. That is just BS and you know it! Seems to me you wouldn’t need to keep filing reports if you kept your d*** in your pants. Stop blaming the women you hurt for making your life hell because Ken you are the one that created this mess. Sorry if Becca is questioning you but she should. I also have your very secret work number 570-89x-xx28 sound familiar? Didn’t you swear to Becca you wouldn’t give it to anyone??? As for the shirt. No comment. You know I gave that to you. Have you read the posts? Seems you had no problem taking gifts from women. And no need to make up crap insinuating that I am making calls and sending packages, etc because I haven’t but maybe it is one of your other women. As for apologies lets see you post those here too using names or have you ever bothered to learn the names of the women you are lying to and sleeping with. Becca will learn soon enough if you couldn’t be faithful to your wife, the mother of your child then why they hell does she think you will be faithful to her? I know! Its because you have her going to swingers parties so yeah maybe it is easier to be faithful when the woman in your life is letting you f*** other women! Again I will make it clear to everyone Ken is apologizing to for things I did not do. I have never contacted any of Ken’s friends, family or co-workers. I have never sent anyone anything. I have never accessed Ken’s email(s) or phone(s). He is full of crap trying to create a story so Becca believes him and sorry to burst your bubble Ken but I am not stalking you! LOL you are not worth stalking but I will have my say, as have all the women before me, and if you are going to post crap accusing me of things I haven’t done I will call you out on that too! You are the liar here. Your lies and infidelity started shortly after you got married and will never stop.

  5. Here is their SLS profile. Guess since their last profile she learned to squirt! Bravo Becca! Keep letting him find women “for you to play with” and he won’t cheat on you! Lol

  6. Well since Ken decided to defend his stupid little idiot girlfriend I will defend the one who he should have been faithful to. HIS WIFE!!! Let me point out to Becca that every single woman he has had a relationship with started when he was already in a relationship with another woman!!!!! He met wife #2 while still married to wife #1, and met Krista and Niki and Yaya and Other PA Woman and this newest poster and the many many others I am missing INCLUDING YOU BECCA while married to wife #2!!!!!

    So Becca keep that in mind. Every time he whipped out that dirty d*** he was cheating on some other woman!!!! The man cannot stay faithful so stop thinking you will change him. He’s a damn good liar and fortunately you are too dumb to hear the truth AND you give him permission to screw other chicks! You are a winner!

  7. So looking in as an outsider I see these posts go way back and seem to generate from quite a few places so I ask why have you sat back why other women in your life were attacked on here? If you have all these police reports and proof why have you not done something with them or posted them here? Not to be a downer but it does seem you did this to yourself Ken and you should man up and realize you reap what you sow. Your dirty secrets caught up to you. I also will point out that on this site there are numerous doctors, lawyers, police officers, etc and like you they spout off threats about coming after the posters with no outcome. Maybe Karma is kicking you in the a** and the only way to find peace is to stop kissing your newest girls a** and apologize to the women that you “dated” before her. This site was created to give people a legal forum to utilize their freedom of speech and I’m sure it sucks that you are the one being embarrassed but you seem to breeze over the fact you hurt, embarrassed and humiliated quite a few women along the way. Stop the name calling and accept being called names because in the end you are the common denominator here. You are the liar and cheater. First step to peace is to truly take the time and make the effort to face your accusers and apologize. They all seem to have meant a lot to you at one time so focus on that and the new girl should encourage that. If you can treat exes so callously then what happens when things go bad with her. A true man knows when he messed up and does something about it. You mention a son. You certainly haven’t set a good example on the sanctity of marriage and family, respecting women, fidelity and monogamy. I hope you read this and truly think about what I am saying. Please do the right thing. There is A LOT of pain in these posts. Pain YOU caused so remember that.

  8. I agree with the last poster. Time to step up and be a man Ken. You created this. Apologize to all your lovers and not just Becca. Stop making threats and trying to hurt the women you already hurt! Threatening with police reports and trying to make them look bad calling them stalkers and hackers and accusing them of other things is just making you look bad. Dude you brought this on! You found these women. You slept with these women. You lied to these women. You should have responded a long long time ago, when your other women were being insulted on here, BUT you didn’t and everyone that reads these posts knows why. You were juggling your wife, Becca, Krista, Yaya and the others. Now you seem to be divorced and the other ladies bailed and now there is “only” Becca so you are desperate to look good in her eyes and like a changed man but I don’t think anyone but Becca believes you are faithful to her. I agree, this is your Karma.

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