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Keith Thums

Ladies beware. Keith Thums is a cheater living in the Anchorage area that routinely responds to, and posts, ads in Craigslist Personals and has a profile on Tinder. Recently, my girlfriend corresponded with him briefly on CL after replying to one of his posts. She immediately recognized him after he forwarded his photo to her. After sharing his photo with me, I recognized the creep from his profile on Tinder (Username: Kat-Works). The creep was near the downtown Anchorage area when he messaged me. He asked me out on a lunch date and asked if I was interested in a quickie. Eeww!!

Keith claims to be single or unattached, but is currently living with his girlfriend/fiancé. Go figure. According to my girlfriend, he was also divorced several years ago after his wife discovered he was cheating on her.

After my girlfriend and I compared notes and connected the dots. She confronted Keith regarding his background, relationship status, and the Tinder profile. There was no response; all of a sudden he disappeared. His Tinder profile was gone and his Facebook page was gone too. However, we think he is lying low and will eventually surface again posting on CL in the Anchorage or Wasilla areas. “Once a cheater cheats he is destined to repeat.” Keith Thums is a liar, has a problem with infidelity, and is definitely a Class “A”, cheating douche bag.

Keith Thums


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