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Keith E Knudsen Mt Juliet Tn

#KeithKnudsen is a user.
He has multiethnic girlfriends he pretends to be in serious relationships with and that’s not counting the wife Svetta that he claims to be divorced from.
He sleeps with men women and couples and does not believe in condoms. If you’ve slept with him I highly suggest being tested for stds.

Currently his is attending court ordered classes for a domestic assault case. He is court order to attend alcoholic classes and anger management.

On top of this he brings his son into the picture and even pretends to love other people children promising all sort of fairy take future family stuff.

It would be one thing if he was just a cheater but he truly is heartless bringing kids into this game even his own son Nik.

He is heartless and soulless



2 thoughts on “Keith E Knudsen Mt Juliet Tn”

  1. Multiethnic lol

    yes he’s awful though.
    I’ve never met a person in Nashville that actually liked him as a person.

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