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Judith Ann Bowman ( Judith Ann Trotter)

This is Judith Ann Bowman ( Judith Ann Trotter) (Judy Trotter) (Judy Bowman). She is the most manipulative, lying, cheating and hurtful person you will ever meet. She has borrowed money to send to someone she met online instead of get her own kids Christmas, She has brought home a STD she caught from one of her escapades. She has cheated with 18 different people, 5 of which were also married. She has also chosen her boyfriend over her kids to their face. She is the worst mother or wife you could ever have. Do not trust this woman. She is a danger to herself and a cancer to anyone that knows and loves her. She will use uou to get what she wants then move on to the next sucker. I was married to her for 22 years. She has caused my kids permanent trust issues and severe mental anguish. She even turned on her own family ehen they tried to get her help.


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