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juan gabriel mena

Juan Gabriel mena 11/25/82 beware of this Colombian! He will appear to have it all together but not so. After he drains you dry of your money, while promising marriage and family he will have at least several old and new flames he is sleeping with, talking to on Facebook ( twitter, and any other social media site. He is not only mentally and verbally abusing but a devout drunk! To the point he pisses on himself. He has been known to sleep with several women at a time and without protection. If you see him in atlanta by way of queens new York, ladies beware!


2 thoughts on “juan gabriel mena”

  1. He’s with an AKA doctor now and she is completely snowed. Oh well…if he marries her at least his babymamas can get some child support money. You know his broke azz don’t have none. And since she a doctor she can give herself a shot for whatever she catches from him. He will probably have her knocked up soon like the others.

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