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Joseph Michael Larsen- Portland

Joseph “Joey” Michael Larsen currently resides in Beaverton, Oregon. He has lived in Portland, Mc Minville and other parts of Oregon. He was born March 1970, he manipulates women that are vulnerable and uses his children as a negotiating tactic to get what he wants from women and the kids’ mother. He tends to fall off the substance (narcotics)and alcohol wagon every couple of years. He has a violent temper where he will belittle women, do damage to their property when he doesn’t get his way. This usually requires uprooting the woman and children to stay in a hotel while the repairs are being made. He will make false reports against the mother to attempt to win custody of the kids and so that he can have her back. Joey has a restraining order against him but that doesn’t stop him from
Doing what he wants. He tends to work in the roofing industry. He is a liar, cheater master manipulator and will stop at nothing to get what he wants, including using his children and turning them against others.


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