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Joseph Gourdoux

Joseph Gourdoux is an Abusive Alcoholic Lier Cheater

Gourdouchebag from Racine, WI who is 37 is a compulsive lier. What ever he says believe the opposite. Heavy drinker which might be why he has 2 drunk drivings on his record. Very mean and abusive drunk. Also has battery charges on his record. He is on numerous dating sites, using the name Josephnco88. He is looking for a friend possibly more. Lol
He will date you until he thinks he finds something “much better” and then text you this. Wrinkled a** walrus lookin little douchebag . He has a 2 yr old daughter that he shares custody with the baby mama. They do pickups and drop offs at the police station because Gourdouchebag is crazy PTSD havin from being in the National Guard. Haha Sad to say the kid has a bigger head and nose than Gourdouchebag. Poor kid. If you come across Joseph Gourdoux Do Yourself A Favor And Skip The D Rama and tell him to kick rocks wrinkled walrus



4 thoughts on “Joseph Gourdoux is an Abusive Alcoholic Lier Cheater”

  1. Joseph Gourdoux is an Ex Army Sergant who is a Snaghle douche. He has way too any teeth in his mouth a chipped front tooth and a big old fang hanging over his front teeth. Also talks with a list so you can barely understand wtf he is trying to say. Works 3rd shift including wknds. When he does have off work he has his big headed daughter. And since daddy douchebag works 3rd shift his kid stays up all night. Let’s the kid sleep all day. Kid wakes up at noom. Her nap time is 6pm at night. What an idiot! He should worry about potty training his kid and preparing her for school. He shares custody of his whiney kid with the baby mama. So when Gourdouchebag does not have his kid he drives by the baby mama’s house and stalks her to keep tabs on where his kid is. The Army prepared this man to be an Alcoholic Snaggle Stalker woman beater. You can find Gourdouchebag on Facebook posting ugly selfie’s of him and his kid. No one wants to see that s***

  2. terrible how you talk about a helpless innocent child. if you f
    don’t like him great but really cutting down a little girl? you should be ashamed of she had any choice in who her parent is

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