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Joel Farmer

Joel has been married for a little over a year. He was caught red handed with a transexual and multiple women. He won’t take responsibility for his actions and wants blame everyone else for what he did. He is nothing but a liar and cheater. I hope this helps someone else so they don’t get hurt by him. He is located out of Haralson County Georgia



5 thoughts on “Joel Farmer”

  1. He works out of town and the company he works for is out of Texas. He Travels all the time. He is still currently married and now has a new girlfriend in Tyler Texas. He is nothing but lying cheating scum.

  2. When he came to Tampa, he stop by Sam’s club, he came up to me, and it was love at first sight. We talked and I like him so I took him into the hms room where he pounded the f*** out of me. I suck his d***, and I swallowed all of his sweet c**. He didn’t care that I was over weight, or not that good looking. He was the same as me, we are perfect for each other.

  3. I miss you baby, I need your d*** inside of me, or I will go crazy. I love you!!! You f*** me real good. Next time we f***, I will put some mayonnaise on your big d***.

  4. Ahahhsh. Omg. So funny to read.

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