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Jerry Dulaney

Jerry Dulaney is a 42 year old male from Pittsburgh PA. He gets off going around on online dating sites & collecting as many vulnerable women as he can. He uses the fact that he works with cancer kids at Children’s Hospital Pittsburgh but he really doesn’t work there. I’m not sure how long he has been collecting women for sex, money, drugs, free vacations & whatever else he can get from them. Right now he is also listed on as one of the most notorious master cheaters. Quite a few of use victims have found out about him thru lies & one very smart woman who went thru his cell phone & wrote down as many numbers as she could & is calling to fill them in on his games. Some are greatful & some don’t believe cuz they are not from the PA area. One lives in New Orleans & is not believing any of us & she had 2 children that could be victims of his games. He uses her for a vacation like Marti Gra in January. He also used women in Florida, California, Virginia, Kentucky, Ohio & WV. He has sex with all if these women spreading STD’s & UTI’s. When confronted he says that these women are crazy & jealous & you are his only one & he wants to marry you. He has been married 3 maybe 4 times. Has 2 boys & 2 pregnant women that we know of currently. If you have been in contact with him please confront him & end it before its too late & he takes u for ur money & ur pride as a good woman. Help us stop this creep!!

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114 thoughts on “Jerry Dulaney”

  1. Well ladies, I have been with this man off and on for years. I spend my weekends at his apartment or he is at mine with me. We are working on things to better our relationship. So do yourselves a favor and just stop commenting because it’s a waste of time. I’m moving to his his apartment in 2 weeks. So all of this will be in the past.

  2. I have been reading everyone’s post. Bottom line is this idiot is a loser. He preys on women, and many all at one time. He doesn’t know the true meaning of love. He is not worthy of a good woman. He is looking for handouts. Your heart means nothing. You mean nothing. Please ladies, take my advice and find a real man that will love you not use you. I am just today finding out what he’s all about. Just spoke with 3 women who are dating him now, just as I was. We are all to good for such scum. Sorry if my message hurt any of you ladies, was not my intent.

  3. Wow….this man is quite impressive with his ego and self worth. Karma is a real #@$%*. I feel for you ladies….to be a victum to all of this. Hes quite convincing. No thanks

  4. Ladies it’s going to get him. The women here that know how he is, we are about to show him karma. Wish he would have never came back. All he does is cause devastation to the people around him. Nobody wants you here, go try a few other states. Since you have women all over.

  5. Jerry an I were engaged this weekend, So stop trying to destroy him. 12

  6. Before you marry him ask him to let you hold his cell phone for 2 hours not to go through it just to hold it and see who text’s him… if he has nothing to hide he will have no problem handing it over but I promise you he has a lot to hide. I’m telling you Lisa you are going to be absolutely heartbroken. He told me how all these vindictive jealous women we’re posting on here and I believed him just like you do. I was with him for over a year. And it all came crashing down I was utterly disgusted knowing I was having unprotected sex with him, all while he was sleeping with several other women and promising that I was his one and only and that he loved me unconditionally. And don’t get me wrong he’s fun to be with he definitely has charm and he has manipulated so so so many women with that charm.. God speed…

  7. This is so funny Linda is moving in one week . The next week he is engaged to Lisa. So which is it Linda , Lisa or who ?

  8. All you women are wasting your time. He sees me at night when I get off work, when you think he’s sleeping, he’s in bed with me. We had an awesome evening tonight and will continue to have many more. He might not admit it to you. But give me your email address and I will prove it to you all.

  9. Really ,your bragging about being with a man who’s f****** several other woman?cheers to you! No thank you! I dropped this loser as soon I found out about the other woman,he truly has a sickness….your gonna catch a broken heart …among other things…your gross and pathetic.

  10. Can u please fill me in on timing? When u were with him and for how long? Trying to figure it out.

  11. The more that is written the more pitty I feel. This is pathetic. I’m sad all the women evolved. The sex isn’t that great……it’s ok….not spectacular. Move on ladies…..bigger and better things…

  12. Ladies this man will lie to get what he wants. He’s a con. If you believe anything that comes out of that big nasty mouth, you need help. Ladies, you all are worth so much more. He is a nobody he never supported his kids, he never raised them, so what makes you think if he can’t love his kids, how’s he going to love anyone else. Heartless. He does not care about anybody’s heart. He’s in it for him and him only. Planning long term with him, that won’t happen. He has so many women he confuses himself. All you ladies not in West Virginia area, FYI, he has a girlfriend here and other women when she isn’t around. Sneaky.

  13. My ladies, Jerry is fabulous. This was the most special night the two of us have had in months . My romantic honey. ????????

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